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  1. Hey guys - being a TOTAL newbie, I try to feel what you are talking about. By the way: Bruno - your self-built rigs are awesome! Being a very experienced SCUBA diver (58 years of experience) however, I can understand the argument that one must master some skills, even if with more advanced equipment some of those will not always be totally necessary. As I wrote before, good to know that later on things will get easier... hopefully ! But in the long run, my aim is not to become a drone pilot doing flips and rolls and manoeuvre through narrow alleys. My aim is to get artistic aerial shots. I just ordered one of the basic drones Bruno recommended (I will not mention any brands!) and I'll certainly familiarise with piloting skills before taking this any further. Bruno, Alan, Johng, thanks for your advice and encouragement. One day, I hope to be one of yours.
  2. Thanks John - good to know that later on things will get easier... hopefully !
  3. Thanks Bruno - yours is a very helpful post. I'll start from there - and hopefully be able to give you some feedback later on. Cheers! Steven
  4. Hello everyone - I am Steven, 70 years young, from Luxembourg (Europe), a marine biologist and an experienced underwater photographer (several books, many magazine articles). I am planning to come out of the water (from time to time) and take to the skies. No experience whatsoever, neither with piloting, nor with drones or aerial photography, which is what I want to start doing. The only asset I have so far is a keen eye for good composition... Any advice on how to start, which rig to buy is more than welcome. So far, I understand it is wise to start with a cheap drone for practice. Where do I start ? Looking forward to read you !