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  1. Thanks Timmy, very helpful. My takeaway is that I should check it out as there appears to be extra friction that could lead to the motor burning out. Luckily P4 motors aren't very expensive, I will likely replace it.
  2. I have had my P4 for some time now and try to stay aware of how it's holding up. Wouldn't want an unnecessary crash. One of my rotors isn't spinning as effortlessly as the others when I hand spin them. This is especially true after I fly. It's like I can really feel each magnet as I spin it. This seems normal-ish with my other drones (S900, Runner 250, M100) but not the P4. Maybe it's a bearing issue? Could a magnet be loose? If it seems serious then I will probably replace the rotor but it flies fine.
  3. UPDATE: Everything is a size smaller. The wires are all 24 awg instead of the normal 22 awg. Does anyone know of a charger or adapter that works with 24 awg balance? Would it be bad for me to cut these wires 1 at a time and solder them to 22 awg?
  4. I was recently given an S900 to fix up for a client. It came with a battery and a controller but I have hit a wall when figuring out how to charge the drone's 16000 mah Masione battery. My problem is with the balancing connector, it's a lot like a typical 6 cell balance connector but it's smaller and the plastic guiding pieces on the male end that fit in the grooves of the female end are a bit closer to center. I just spent two full days looking for something to make this work on the internet and visited multiple local hobby shops ... Please help!
  5. Johng

    Drone Delivery

    I am looking into launching my UAV delivery company in other countries as a means of generating income and collecting data for the FAA. One country that we are particularly interested in is UAE but I am struggling to find which document outlines their laws for commercial drone activity. We are open to all other country suggestions as well. I know Australia has been a popular testing ground. Thanks!
  6. Thanks! I actually understand the 5 mile rule as a hobbyist that deals with SFO semi regularly but you've added more info than I was aware of. Much appreciation! What I'm wondering is why the FAA contradicts its guidelines regarding class g airspace. I think, and correct me if I'm wrong, that class g airspace is 700ft agl at least. Why are drones limited to just 400ft of that even though the FAA clearly says that drone ops are unrestricted in class g?
  7. Haha ok. I understand how to answer them (mostly ) but some still seem geared towards private pilots and not UA pilots.
  8. Is class G airspace unrestricted for hobbyists? I know it is restricted under Part 107 for commercial (400ft) drone use even though they clearly state that Class G airspace is unrestricted. "Class G airspace is considered uncontrolled and ATC does not have authority or responsibility for separation of traffic."5.e. It's expected that you don't do anything dangerous like get in the way of a plane. Is the 400ft rule more of a guideline for hobbyists? It seems like the hobby drone flyers get all the breaks i.e. night flight.
  9. Is class G airspace unrestricted for hobbyists? I know it is restricted under Part 107 for commercial (400ft, 5 mi from airports, etc.) use
  10. How valid are these? These were sent to me when I signed up for the Part 107 test and I am looking for input.
  11. Comparisons: I like the price point but I have had too many problems with my Solo's firmware/ camera stream for me to want to try and upgrade it. Currently researching putting a Flir on the Yuneec Tornado H920.
  12. In my opinion, and I find this to be especially true with drone footage, camera filters and post production color, saturation and exposure corrections are an absolute must. If you're new to the game, Final Cut Pro X (mac) is very straightforward and user friendly for corrections. Adobe Premiere Pro (mac or pc) is more powerful, not unlike the legendary Final Cut Pro 7. If you aren't using a good gimbal, Adobe After Effects takes a lot of the stress out of shot stabilization.
  13. Here's a brief writeup and video link for a DIY project. Might get the creative juices flowing. DIY or M100 are best bet for cost effectiveness.
  14. This document isn't very specific, I'm assuming this is a small piece of a larger agreement? I would expect them to at least define what a "UAV" is or specify where their definition is coming from. This reads like it only applies to 55lb or greater.
  15. Hey, ya. I'm new to these threads. Should I not be talking about specific brand names? Never sell out! I was just tossing out my favorite 2 easy flier camera drones out of the 10+ that I've used.