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  1. AlFrank, I was not trying to imply that you didn't know what you were doing. You didn't offer anything in your first post about you being a pilot. I know your picture shows you with a headset on, so I hope I didn't offend you. I am not one ,but can totally appreciate your expertise in this area. Obviously you are very aware of your surroundings. I am also somewhat close to an airport, and I understand and thank you for the explanation about the "approach to land". I cooperate a lot on the DJI forums and you can't imagine some of the questions that are posted! LOL Anyway, I have never experienced anything like you are describing. I have been flying for a couple years now and have been pretty close to high voltage power lines, and have also had aircraft fly over me but at least 2000 ft. high. I can't imagine the aircraft is blocking the GPS signal, but have you noticed it anywhere else? You didn't mention what drones you have. I assumed they are in the Phantom family. You may have a GPS going bad? Does your RC signal completely drop off? You would know better than anyone, but is the aircraft that is on approach putting off any type of signal that would be jamming the drone? I guess that is what you are asking too. I do know that depending on which model you have, but the RC signal is either 2.4ghz or .58ghz. Hope you get it figured out. Doesn't make flying much fun when is goes out of control on you. Do you have the latest firmware on all of your drones? Sorry for all the questions but just trying to offer up some help. I am just thinking after the fact here, but if by chance you have a "Standard", of course you know it uses "WiFi' for control and might be more sensitive to any stray signals than some of the other models that use the "Lightbridge" technologies. Good Luck!
  2. I'm guessing these aircraft are probably closer to you than just flying several thousand feet over you correct? You do say they flew over your approach to landing your phantom. Just where are you flying that you are that close to these airplanes. Sounds a little suspicious to me. Not trying to be critical of you. Be aware that the GPS for your drone in located in the top of the aircraft. If the overhead aircraft is blocking your GPS signal I could see why you are getting the error, but again, it would have to be right on top of you so to speak. I have never had anything like this but any aircraft I have ever been around would be hundreds if not thousands of feet higher than me. As far as the flipping over.....I don't have an reason as to why, but there have been those operators that tried to land their bird and upon shutting the motors off they gave a CSC command instead of the left stick down and outward or inward (depending on which model you have) and it will have this effect. The phantom will flip over and no commands will be recognized by the aircraft and you have to manually pull the battery out of it.
  3. Just an opinion. the Standard is a very good option for a starter, but..............the only thing I would throw out there is for just a bit more you can get into an Advanced or P3P. Actually I would suggest the Advanced. Reasons: The standard uses WiFi for signal and the Advanced uses Lightbridge Technology which is a game-changer as far a signal strength and distance. All 3- have same flight times and batteries are identical as far as that goes, but the Advanced also has 2.7K video available. Yes the P3P has the 4K, but not worth the extra especially for the average user just getting their feet wet. Again, for just a hundred bucks or so more, you can upgrade to a much better package regarding your distances, controller, etc. If that is not of any concern, the Standard is a good option for sure. Actually, if you look on Ebay, you can find the Advanced used with many times a lot of extras for $500-$650.
  4. Alan, You may be correct about the Mavic. I don't have one, but do own a P3A. I wasn't trying to steer anybody in the wrong direction here. I guess I assumed the Mavic had the same basic function, and if that is not the case I apologize. I'm thinking I probably shouldn't have offered up that not knowing for sure what the Mavic controls were like.
  5. If you put it in Atti mode it should disregard the GPS, but you are required to control positioning. I would suggest leaving it in Atti so that it is not trying to switch back and forth like you say. I can't offer what is up with your Mavic, but I have a P3A and have done a couple shots inside of buildings, with no restrictions on height. As a matter of fact I had to be very aware of getting to close to the upper beams in the ceiling. I had no trouble going from 15-20 feet up to 50 feet.
  6. Litchi will allow you to pick a "Point of Interest" that you can set. The point can be moved up or down in height and when you create your mission you pick the "POI" you want and it will show you the angle of the camera. You can change this angle by adjusting the height of your bird to change the "POI" height. The phantom will point and focus on the POI as it goes by, much like DJI's function. But, there is also a feature where you can go from one waypoint to the next and use "Interpolate" and you can set a specific angle for your camera at one point and gradually move to a different angle as it moves to the next waypoint. It will gradually sweep up or down depending on which way you tell it to go. Sounds like this might be what you are looking for? Check out the Litchi app on the web and sign up for free and watch the free video on how to use Litchi. May give you some ideas. (www.flylitchi.com)
  7. You need to click on the re-link button in your app, and then with a small pointed pen, or Phillips screwdriver, lightly push in the re-link button on your Phantom ( with it turned on of course). It will turn red and then green when link has been acquired. To the same procedure to switch back to your other Phantom. Should only take a few seconds .
  8. Thanks to you also Bob N. I appreciate the info. I have plenty of time since I haven't actually scheduled a data for the test. I'm not against spending a few bucks for training at all, just trying to be reasonable because I have no intentions of starting a business, so if I can do some looking around and educate myself that will work for me. I'm sure if I decide to pay for training it would be with Alan. Glad to hear you guys are passing! Enjoy.
  9. Great for you, and thanks for the link. I have been reading up a bit and looking around for material. Haven't scheduled a test date yet, but plan on it in the near future. Have fun!
  10. Just a few comments about the DJI app. I have also experimented with a number of devices before I settled on what I am currently using, which is a Nvidea Sheild. I have read a lot on the DJI forums in the past and a lot of people don't realize that the Go-app requires a device with good processor speed. That is why they have the recommended devices I believe. I tried some of the older stuff also an experienced video lag, etc. You need to be in the minimum processor speed of at least 1.8 ghz in my opionion, and preferably 2.2 ghz or higher.
  11. Both answers above are correct. I have a P3A and have used course lock quite a bit. It does use GPS and you do have to be in the "F" function mode. When in "Atti" mode, you are in full control of the phantom and where it goes. It should be telling you "Safe to Fly Without GPS". Remember when in this mode, if you just let up on the sticks and it is a windy day, the wind will carry the phantom with it, it will not stabilize position, only altitude. Forgive me, if you already understand these functions, as I am not trying to insult anyone's intelligence here.....merely sharing the information. Good luck.
  12. Hello. So it seems the drone laws are kind of changing here too. I am not an expert by any stretch, but I have tried to educate myself and follow the laws. Right now, at least where I live, things are ok. I have never had any issue, but again I don't try to push the envelope. I don't go buzzing around people or anything like that. I think for the most part if you use some common sense, you are not going to get any hassles. If I understand the FAA correctly, here in the US we cannot take off or land within a national park, but we can take off out of the park and fly over it, but must land outside of the park. Sounds kind of crazy to me, but I have no national parks around my area to worry about. I live on the Mississippi river like I mentioned, and I have had a lot of fun with that. Yeah I can only imagine what kind of photos one could get in a national park. Anyway, nice to chat with you and enjoy your phantom, I sure am mine!
  13. I really appreciate the information. Certainty good stuff!!! I will for sure look some more into that. Yeah, I think going forward there will be some changes for sure, and it is better to be prepared. Have a good one!
  14. I just joined the forum. I have been flying for about a year now with my Phantom 3 Advanced. I live real close to the Mississippi river so I get a lot of opportunities to video towboats, people on the river, and some really cool rural areas that make for some amazing scenery. I never imagined how much fun this was going to be. Not looking to start a business or anything at this point, but I can see a lot of opportunity out there. Just wanted to say hi to everyone.