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  1. Yes, well a clone anyway. Have been trying out the different available GCS software this week.
  2. I've built one of each to play with. My plan was to test with the same flight controller in the fixed wing that I'm using in my quad, that way the only cost to try fixed wing was the air frame, motor, and some servos in addition to what I already have on hand. If it goes well down the line I'll grab a second receiver and flight controller setup for the fixed wing, then I can bind the radio to whichever aircraft I like.
  3. Haven't seen SlantRange yet, so thank YOU for the site as well. I haven't gotten quite that far yet. I live in a rural area and I am still gauging awareness and interest. That and I don't have enough time on my equipment to be confident with it. There are two farmers I spoke with who would be willing to be guinea pigs while I learn, they have around 3K acres each in corn and beans. What are you flying may I ask?
  4. Hello Juggernaught, I was also looking for less pricey options and found these guys.... Regards, Kevin
  5. Hello All, New to the forum, long time RC hobbyist, getting into drones since last fall. Have scratch built one quad and one fixed wing drone so far. May get 107 certification?? May start a business?? Still much to learn... Regards, Kevin