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  1. Hey all,I understand we are in the drone forum, but for the fellow photographers. I am curious on what laws are in place for photographing a scenic view (publicly) from a private property. (View out of a hotel window.) Will I need permission to sell the image from the place I took the photo from?Im not photographing anything on the private property, simply shooting the view that I can see. However because I'm on private property where the image has been taken, do I need final permission to sell it?I tried searching around and all I seem to find is taking photos on the private property of the actual property or taking photos of private property on public grounds. (if that wasn't confusing!) Thanks all.-Wash
  2. Hey everyone, Finally the video was released to the public. This is the completed promotion video for a 5K race at a local hospital called the "Gaylord Gauntlet". It was a mix of aerial and ground work, very proud of the way the video came out. Leave your thoughts below! Thanks - Wash
  3. Lol that is just as exciting! Congratulations! What is your main purpose for flying?? I would definitely wait as well! haha not worth the stress
  4. Hey everyone! Is anyone excited for November 15? Word on the street the inspire 2 is dropping! I'm still rocking my phantom 3 (I say still like it's ancient). But I can't wait to step it up a notch. I hear people are having issues with their mavic, however I hope things don't slip through the cracks for this release. Any thoughts on the release or their mavic? -Wash
  5. Thanks Tony! [Sadly] I did not charge for this shoot, this is a project that has multiple phases. And I just realized there was a photographer and drone operator already doing the project with a real estate agency Talk about trying to take out the competition. However, I know one of the main builders on the project, so I was able to get in. My hope is to get in and charge for the complete phase and create a package deal to take aerial photos/footage and ground photography of the project. Otherwise this work is all part of the portfolio and demo reel. This way in upcoming spring Ill have something to pitch to future clients and promote my work. -Wash view my website at www.kwphotography.co (NOT .com)
  6. I am a novice in editing, however I did start using Final Cut Pro X, which is where this video was created. So I will be learning more in the future! Thanks for compliments! -Wash
  7. Marcel, all very true. Usage rights always comes into play, and a lot of people do get ripped off. For a recent shoot I did with a builder (ground photography) we did not speak in detail about usage rights. Im in a sense screwing myself however gaining exposure, at this point for me it is fair. Thats great that you are able to go ahead and do that, I admit I didn't even think about doing something so simple like that. Do you end up charging travel expense or just 20 flat? do you make out decently doing this? This statement (above) was one of the most lines Ive had in a while. I looked right over looking the rights to the photos/footage we capture. Granted it is a team project, if things go south I don't own the rights. Is there a way to "split" rights (for lack of knowledge). Yes I will end up watching the seminar Alan posted. Thanks for this! Always a big help! -Wash
  8. Thanks Marcel. That is exactly the plan. Luckily, I hopped on this project because my full time job lead me to this builder who was in need of a pilot/videographer. So this video was a portfolio build and proving my worth to capture the final phases (or finished build) to then charge appropriately. By the time the project is finished. I plan on getting the inspire 2 (fingers crossed there are less issues than the mavic). And working with other videographers to create the two man operation. This way the the shots will be a lot smoother. My question is, what are the appropriate rates? I do work with a production team as well, however, I want a sure way to justify pricing when selling myself and my crew. This is my first few time getting into videography, photography charges much differently of course. Any thoughts? - Wash
  9. Hey there community, I have recently finished up a video project for a local builder. This footage is shown to potential buyers of the new residences being built, as well as, the local town. Using the DJI Phantom 3, it is hard to create smooth transitions while sweeping (and without using built in features) however with more practice, Ill be able to dial those errors in. Criticism is appreciated! Thanks, and enjoy. https://youtu.be/j_tkI2BfwDo - Wash
  10. Hey Alan, if possible, can you post some of the transmitters you would recommend again for the communicating with ATC? Thanks
  11. Funny, I am looking for the links now and can not find them myself. Hmmm... Ill get back to you as soon as I find them
  12. Good evening everyone, Does anyone have an info on International Drone Expo in LA this Demember? Is it worth going? What to expect? I wanted to attend Interdrone, however my schedule wouldn't allow me too. So this next expo may be the one I attend. I haven't been to a drone expo before so I do not know what to expect. Any info would be great, thanks. - Wash
  13. I definitely agree with that and I should have noted that. My understanding is being aggressive with any lipo batteries will cause damage over time with out a doubt. For that specific shoot I didn't have to rotate more than once and I did let it cool down before placing back on the charger. I do also check the cells within the DJI app to check in on the batteries. i have yet to look in depth at the manual for the P3 when it pertains to their batteries. Thank you for mentioning this because it is very important
  14. Heading to the site now! Update: Jeeez! Yup that was the case. I wonder why the Certificate numeber is pending however. hmmm
  15. I'm standing still as well. Waiting on the temp!
  16. I have 3 on me all the time. For that specific shoot, I figured a half day shoot for that race wouldn't need more than an hour or so of footage (it's really the same thing occurring over and over). But I was able to have one battery on the charger rotating.
  17. That's great in my eyes. No post processing, only flight time. I'd grab onto that! I was was fortunate enough to work with a few buddies on a commercial for a "Spartan" type race. Where we each got paid $1000. For a half day of shooting. Happily I did not have to edit but it was a great entrance into this industry.
  18. Chris, That's exactly it. I have a couple real estate shoots coming up. I will pitch the drone shots and see if they grab. I'm going to in a sense wing it. After all we go through, not only to provide the images, but research everything we need in the background will be justifying the price. Hopefully if the the agent grabs I'll be back with my own personal info. -Wash
  19. Oh wow! Thanks for your service @Uaviator53. Definitely would consider it, but the steps before are crucial to see if its a good fit for myself. The risk to be deployed may be moderately high by the way things are coming ahead, but thats a whole other conversation! But overall it may be worth looking into! Thanks again!
  20. That's perfect! Thanks Alan for chiming in, that is also the info I needed. I noted the list of radios to purchase for these situations as I will be getting one. I will also be printing out an information sheet of the airport, just to have on hand if questioned. Thanks again guys! -Wash
  21. Thanks for the info Uaviator53. This is definitely informative, and Ill be looking further into all the links. I wasn't necessarily looking to enlist in the Army, however, this may be a course of action if I do enough research and want the that specific lifestyle. I have family in the Army and Air Force, so I will be able to ask them questions when it comes time as well. Yes I am young, but sometimes I feel like its already too late in the game! Ill be up late searching around tonight! thanks for the links
  22. Thanks Marcel, I keep checking left and right and return back to the same answer as it's safe to fly without permission. What does throw me off is I called the local airport and asked for permission, ahead of a specific flight, a few months ago. They stated "we fly at 1200ft so there is no need to call". However, by looking at the sectional above, the airport is within Class E with a surface of 700ft. I may be calling again soon just to ask them a few questions and clear some confusion up. I did notice the Class D airspace around the area, which I would be contacting ATC prior to flight. However, all the surround areas reside in a Class E airspace with a surface of 700ft. I may end up calling the FAA as well -Wash
  23. Hey all, I am intersted in a future career as a UAV pilot for SAR and other Emergency Services. I am working on flight training and certifications to prove my value and experience at the moment. However, I want to set myself up with the correct credentials to apply for certain positions. Any info would be great if anyone has experience or is on the same path. Or if anyone is in the field as a EMR and not necessarily a pilot, what should I know or be prepared for? Thanks, -Wash
  24. The reason I am curious is because from my understanding, the different Class Airspaces overrides the rule of flying within 5 miles of an airport.