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  1. you betcha....have been doing a lot of flying since we last spoke. " ) Talk soon, D.Clarke Hummingbird Aerial Productions!
  2. No need to be envious - but thank you. Been off the UAV Coach grid for a bit...but I'm back. A lot of work done...
  3. Hi folks.

    Biggest challenge for Hummingbird right now is basically getting our prices nailed down.

    Although we never want to dismiss any business - there are times where you just have to say no, and that usually means the potential client wants you to preform a mission that doesn't meet regulations (flying too high or too close to an aerodrome etc).

    We're also finding that Real Estate, which is a great starting point - does not create a great deal of income.

    What we need here is for Transport Canada to streamline those Commercial users (with the proper documented training and Canadian Airspace knowledge) quicker SFOC's and accept more 'standing' SFOC's.

    This would only be offered to very good Commercial operators that go 'above and beyond' safety and regulations.

    We all know that paperwork is another 'beast' of this industry and we're OK with's aviation.

    ~ the cleaner the books, SOP's and manuals - the better for getting those SFOC's which means - more business.

    So for us to have a detailed 'nailed down' price list (and sticking to it) is our main struggle at this point.


    Darren Clarke






  4. Hi folks, Darren Clarke from Hummingbird Aerial Productions here. I agree with 6 Wings. Getting the SFOC approvals for each job is challenging for sure. Getting the work is one thing...getting the SFOC and complying with all TC recommendations is the biggest challenge. Good luck!
  5. We're pretty darn excited here at Hummingbird Aerial Productions as we launched our website this week and so far the analytics has been great!

    Up here north of the border, there's rumblings that 2016 will be a year of change for UAV guidelines and restrictions for those who want to fly recreationally and commercially (what they are? no idea yet).

    We've introduced the DJI OSMO into our 'technical family' for our client missions and must say that it is one nifty rig.

    Hoping to share some vids soon and some great time lapse as we get to learn our latest edition.

    If we can only get mother nature to agree  - so we can get back to flying and practicing those precious shots!

    Until next time - fly safe.




  6. Welcome Danny....what aircraft do u fly?
  7. Thank Alan - means a lot and we appreciate it! Should be SFOC compliant by the end of February 2016 and beginning the design of the website (stay tuned). Making contacts now and is going well thus far.
  8. Agree with Alan - Practice as much as you can and get very, very good at it. Be the best pilot you can be - first!
  9. is one really neat rig and certainly compliments the Phantom 3 Professional. - thanks Alan!
  10. really like this newest forum Alan - BTW - Hummingbird Aerial Productions takes flight starting today! Darren
  11. Howdy of today Hummingbird Aerial Productions takes flight in Toronto, Ontario.

    Real Estate - Mapping - Lifestyle and Weather Shots -  Hummingbird "...we get your point of view."

    A picture of Hummingbird's Fleet including our newest member - The DJI OSMO

    Great UAV COACH site!    DC


    2016-01-18 13.34.44.jpg