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  1. We are conducting research into current practices for powering smaller UAVs/drones. Of particular interest are how choices are made among types of batteries. We would like to understand the decision process, as well as any important trends for these devices. We would also like to explore any unmet needs for better power sources. As part of our approach, we reach out to experts who can provide a unique perspective and are knowledgeable in this area. We are not seeking any confidential or proprietary information, just your high-level expertise, insights, and opinions. We do not want to know about specific projects, but rather aggregate experience with these topics. Please let us know if you would be willing to participate in our research via a brief telephone interview. If you are not the right contact for these types of questions, please feel free to refer us to a colleague. We are happy to offer an appropriate honorarium for your valuable time and expertise. Best regards, Jeff Hovis Product Genesis +1 617-710-8141