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  1. The thing is - it's already started. Wing is making deliveries - with no notice to 107 or rec fliers.... Seems a little backwards to me. :-/
  2. What I'd like to know is how the FAA intends to dictate separation between deliveries, Part 107 flights, and recreational flights. See and avoid is fine for plane sized objects but say a Part 107 pilot is filming and a Prime Drone comes buzzing in at 40 miles per hour right through your flight operation area. You won't have time to reasonably "see and avoid" Amazon's aircraft.
  3. We are much alike - didn't intend it to sound that blanket. 👍
  4. Right. But in some cases federal statues apply and those are not requests from the FAA. As stated before if those apply they would be found on your sectional. I really wasn't making an argument just providing supplemental information.
  5. See the entry in the AIM also: http://www.faraim.org/aim/aim-4-03-14-514.html
  6. Sorry - a few months late to the conversation but worth adding some knowledge to this thread. You will often see comments that you need a permit to shoot video of a national park commercially., or "for money". First, let me address "for money", the rules are generally "commercially" which is different than "for money", or "for profit". I hardly ever sell my drone footage, most of it is just "for me" - but I am a commercial photographer, videographer, designer. As such any posting of video that might promote my work - is "commercial". I don't have to try and sell it - it promotes my comme