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  1. Yeah, that's a great point, SP. I was kind of just wondering if it's within what's considered ok according to part 107, really because I haven't seen it addressed anywhere, but if you take the FAA's word to the letter it seems ok, if not a little crazy! I know it would come with a LOT of responsibility for safety, and not that I would even do it except as a frustrating last resort, or if all the private turf was swamped out for months with snow melt. Thanks for the input.
  2. Haha. No pics at the moment, but am awaiting all comments. Especially one's that make me sound crazy!
  3. I think there are some assumptions being made here that I should address. Firstly, the term "model" aircraft may not be so black and white as it was a few years ago, or even a week ago. I'm referring to a 10' wingspan commercial UAV (just under 5o lbs) that will be flown for testing purposes. This is more than what my local RC flying field will accommodate, as far as runway length, line of site, proximity to homes and population, etc. Secondly, I'm referring to a flight within the normal flight pattern of airport operation, not RC acrobatics. There is nothing insane or inherently unsafe about my thought process. I'm not putting up a 1/4 scale acro plane for kicks at my local airport. Since I specifically mentioned operating under part 107, the AMA would literally have nothing to do with this.
  4. Thanks for the responses. My interest lies in the fact that I am interested in flying a giant scale fixed wing aircraft and I was curious if, under part 107 with a remote pilot certificate, I could just go down the road to an airport nearby and fly. The airport is 2G9 Somerset Pa, class G full time, with class E airspace base at 700' AGL, and publicly owned by the county. Partly I'm curious if my interpretation of everything I've studied is correct, which if it is I really don't see a reason why that's not acceptable with the proper precautions (VO, radio tuned to CTAF, etc.). I do see that they average 38 flights a day, which may be more traffic than I'd like to watch out for though.
  5. I've been searching for an answer to the question of operating AT a class g public airport. I see a lot of info on flying nearby, but nothing on actually operating at one. I don't seem to see any restrictions from part 107, but does anyone have any practical experience or knowledge on this subject?