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  1. Similar to Dave's comments, its important to understand all the aspects of this type of project bid request since the prep time, drive time, flight time, post processing time, deliverable packaging (video, photos), and customer reporting all add up very quickly. I'd recommend setting several pricing/fee tiers for the different activities involved. Here is an example: Prep-time $30/hr, drive-time $30/hr, flight time $125/hr, post-processing $30/hr, packaging-reporting $30/hr. These $/hr amounts are totally arbituary. When you have a standard billing/pricing/fee rate, you can make exceptions via discounting individual pricing elements to submit a competitive bid. Having a 107 license, flight insurance, getting authorization to fly in the project area, and following a set of safe flight operational procedures and FAA reporting are value-adds of your service (bid) and lessen the liability of the customer. Hope this helps, go for it!