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  1. Ed O'Grady

    Sea Story

  2. Ed O'Grady

    New member, Rollingstone Mn.

    Welcome aboard, sir, and thank you for your service. Never forget.
  3. Ed O'Grady

    Iceland with DJI Mavic Pro and iPhone XS!

    Just to jump in here. Really enjoyed the Iceland vids - I was there in May and was so impressed with the beauty and the great people. It's almost as if they are just oblivious to the rest of the world and good for them! But for @James Quick re drone laws, while I was there by accident I found a DJI corporate store in Reykjavic, one of only a handful in the world, and had a chat with a guy there. First of all, their laws are similar to USA regs as I recall. In addition, he told me that the rules are regularly violated and there is little to no enforcement. It sounded to me like use common sense and have fun. Iceland provides magnificent scenery to shoot.
  4. Ed O'Grady

    Issues with automated authorizations

    That was exactly what I was going to suggest. I have been VERY pleased with Skyward as an LAANC provider.
  5. Many different articles filed with same basic details and sounds like fishermen, maybe commercial ones. Way too high but wait, there's more! Every article claims the UAV was 15 miles east or northeast of Boston. That places the drone beyond FAA jurisdiction which apparently ends at 12 miles. Hmmm.... https://www.wcvb.com/article/logan-bound-plane-reports-encounter-with-unmanned-aircraft/24796729
  6. Ed O'Grady

    Election Voting Site Monitoring

    The Helicopter issue is a good point and one that I use in drone arguments but folks don't seem quite as concerned about them. They're big and usually move quickly away but drones, well that's something else now. Folks don't call the police when a helicopter or Cessna 172 flies over but if a Phantom does, well....
  7. Ed O'Grady


    See? There you go again. You're supposed to be working and you're out playing with your boat. Shame on you.
  8. Ed O'Grady

    Election Voting Site Monitoring

    And if I were on the local board of elections, I would be vehemently opposed. Reason being that while all of us here are comfortable with drone operations, that's not true across the board. Many folks feel their privacy is being invaded and it might actually dissuade some folks from getting out to vote. I seriously doubt that FAA would even touch it.
  9. Ed O'Grady

    UAV Coach t-shirt designs?

    Yes, of course it's buffoonery! And I want one of whatever you design. Option 2 as a t shirt would be my choice, but I'll be waiting for the final cuts. Latest polls indicate 41% of men and 64% of women want one for the holidays.
  10. Ed O'Grady

    Swing that zoom!

    BTW - just kidding about the dozen. But I would buy one.
  11. Ed O'Grady

    Swing that zoom!

    Hey, I want one too. Maybe I'll take a dozen and sell them here in coastal Georgia!
  12. Ed O'Grady

    ULC Proposal to Ban Drones from Flying Below 200 Feet

    I'm not an attorney but I doubt that they could even suggest such legislation.
  13. Well, we'll see if it pans out this time - I have my doubts.
  14. "Deja Vu all over again" as the great philosopher Yogi Berra once said. And to add, here's what the FAA said late today. https://www.faa.gov/news/updates/?newsId=91885
  15. Ed O'Grady

    Hello from Lancashire

    I totally agree with @Av8Chuck on this issue. There are folks on this forum who are employed in the educational field - let's hear from them. Like them or not, what about the AMA? AOPA? And on and on. Alan, your thoughts???