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  1. Please reply with your requirements as well as compensation. I am not close and don't want to waste the time of either of us.
  2. Giorgio, regardless of the current regulations from KCAA, or lack thereof, and various other opinions, the following comes directly from Kenya Revenue Authority Customs and Border Control... 21. Are there any restricted items, either for import/export? • The provisions setting out restricted item for import/export are set out in the 2nd and 3rd Schedule of the East African Community Customs Management Act. They include but are not limited to:- • Postal franking machines except and in accordance with the terms of a written permit granted by a competent authority of the partner state. • Traps capable of killing or capturing any game animal except and in accordance with the terms of a written permit granted by the Partner state. • Unwrought precious metals and precious stones. • Arms and ammunition specified under Chapter 93 of the Customs Nomenclature. • Ossein and bones treated with acid. • Other bones and horn-cores, unworked defatted, simply prepared (but not cut to shape) degelatinized, power and waste of these products, Ivory, elephant unworked or simply prepared but not cut to shape, teeth, hippopotamus, unworked o simply prepared but not cut to shape, ivory powder and waste, Tortoise shell, whalebone and whalebone hair, horns, antlers, hoover, nail, claws and beaks, unworked or simply prepared but not otherwise worked shells or molasses, crustaceans or echinoderms and cattle-bone. • An unmanned aerial vehicle for example, drones. All goods the importation of which is for the time being regulated under this Act or by any written law for the time being in force in the Partner State. So what if you just don't tell them..... 27. Any passenger found walking through the Green Channel with dutiable/ prohibited goods or found mis-declaring the quantity, description or value of dutiable goods at the “Red Channel” (the baggage is examined where mis-declaration is suspected), is liable to strict penal action including arrest/prosecution - apart from seizure/confiscation of the offending goods depending upon gravity of violation detected. I have reached out to Chief Pilot Gilbert Kibe of KCAA and hoping for a response tomorrow. I believe he issued a "Gazette" (similar to the Federal Register in the U.S.) in late March or early April that prohibits flight until new rules are ratified by Parliament. That has not yet taken place, as best as I can tell. Searching through The Gazette is an impossible task!
  3. And one more thing - Giorgio, I would STRONGLY urge you to read first hand experiences here https://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowTopic-g294206-i9216-k10005440-Bringing_my_drone-Kenya.html. In spite of what has been said here, you may be surprised .
  4. Giorgio needs to ask them a simple question - Can I bring it in and can I fly for fun = yes or no question!
  5. Not to beat this to death, In the circumstances, the issuance of drone permit and authorization to operate is suspended .” Call me crazy but i interpret that to mean just what it says - no operations.
  6. Will be very interested in your responses from FAA, if you can release that down the road. Good luck!
  7. I use Litchi all the time and am quite pleased with it. Although I have never experienced this, the following is from the user guide. Place multiple waypoints on a map however far you want and the aircraft will fly from waypoint to waypoint and complete the mission even if the signal is lost. So I would expect that it would complete the mission. Here in SE Georgia we don't have mountains, hills, or ridges. Lots of trees though.
  8. Giorgio, I think the response you received from KCAA is clear, at least to me. There is no permitting process at the moment and you are not cleared to fly. In addition, since you are travelling TO Kenya, their customs inspectors might even impound the a/c. Unless you get clear and specific authorization to enter the country with your drone and fly it there, I would not attempt it.
  9. Flight over moving vehicles is strictly prohibited under Part 107. Highways are not specified but moving vehicles are defintely out. Stationary vehicles are OK since they afford protection for occupants. Hope that helps.
  10. And I did get the approval I mentioned just above. This one took a long time - 48 hours!
  11. You don't need to look at forums - just look at TSA since they make and enforce the rules. Simple.
  12. Lipos MUST be in carry on luggage-period. Never in checked baggage in the US. Per TSA regulations. I don't believe TSA cares about the drone itself.
  13. Wait, I should have also explained that I am in a LAANC area - works like a charm for me.
  14. I have gotten that many times! I live about 1.8 miles from the threshold of a runway and I am directly under the approach. The grids are 0 feet all around me. I started out with several requests at 50 feet and all were approved. I then went to 75 feet and again all were approved. Most recently I went for 95 feet and again, approved. And these approvals typically are sent to me in no more than 36 hours. Never been denied as yet. Put in for another 95 footer today late afternoon - I'll let you know when I get it. My area falls under JAX ARTCC. Keep in mind, my airport is non-towered and the airspace is Class E Surface.
  15. Welcome aboard, sir, and thank you for your service. Never forget.
  16. Just to jump in here. Really enjoyed the Iceland vids - I was there in May and was so impressed with the beauty and the great people. It's almost as if they are just oblivious to the rest of the world and good for them! But for @James Quick re drone laws, while I was there by accident I found a DJI corporate store in Reykjavic, one of only a handful in the world, and had a chat with a guy there. First of all, their laws are similar to USA regs as I recall. In addition, he told me that the rules are regularly violated and there is little to no enforcement. It sounded to me like use common sense and have fun. Iceland provides magnificent scenery to shoot.
  17. That was exactly what I was going to suggest. I have been VERY pleased with Skyward as an LAANC provider.
  18. The Helicopter issue is a good point and one that I use in drone arguments but folks don't seem quite as concerned about them. They're big and usually move quickly away but drones, well that's something else now. Folks don't call the police when a helicopter or Cessna 172 flies over but if a Phantom does, well....
  19. See? There you go again. You're supposed to be working and you're out playing with your boat. Shame on you.
  20. And if I were on the local board of elections, I would be vehemently opposed. Reason being that while all of us here are comfortable with drone operations, that's not true across the board. Many folks feel their privacy is being invaded and it might actually dissuade some folks from getting out to vote. I seriously doubt that FAA would even touch it.