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  1. The Cheerson CX-20 is considered a clone of the DJI Phantom 2 and there are substantial reasons for that. I’ll elaborate on those reasons in this article. Overview Just by looking at the Cheerson CX-20 quadcopter the resemblance becomes quite obvious. The almost identical landing gear, the led indicators are located at the same location. This and much more, immediately makes you think that the Chinese had once again copied a successful model and made it much cheaper. Only this time the Chinese copied from themselves… The Camera and Features The camera mount comes included in the kit. It is located at the bottom of the drone, and it is compatible to the GoPro 3 and their analogues. The CX-20 has the same features as the Phantom 2: Due to the built-in GPS, it can hover and hold position, and the "Return to Home" function can be initialized by just pressing 1 button on the remote control. Remote Control The power source of the remote control are 4 AA batteries (note that the batteries are not included in the kit). The operational frequency is 2.4 GHz and maximal range of operation is about 300 meters. The appearance is yet again very similar to the remote control of a second Phantom: According to the manufacturer specifications, the quadcopter can stay airborne for up to 15 minutes, and the lithium-polymer battery 3S with 2700mAh capacity is fully charged in 2 hours. Numerous tests performed by experts, quadcopter CX-20 can fly pretty well with a steady wind of 22 km/h, but some problem may occur with holding a position in hovering mode. Another problem of the quadcopter can be a loss of control over it, which can lead to an unfortunate crash or the quadcopter may just fly far, far away. Specifications Diagonal size [mm] 425 Height [mm] 200 Weight (w/batt) [g] 980 Power Source Li-Po, 2700mAh Max. Flight time [min] 15 Max. Flight range [km] 0.3 Charging Time [min] 120 Remote Control Operating Freq. [Ghz] 2.4 Power Source 1.5V AA bat. The Bottom Line The Cheerson CX-20 is a contradictory clone, to say the least. On the one hand, it has the same features as the DJI Phantom 2, but it is much cheaper. On the other hand, the low cost is at the expense of the assembly quality and electronics, and manufacturer’s support is not nearly enough.
  2. Check out this one: I've bought one just like this about a year ago when I just started with the hobby, and I'm very pleased. The short flight time may be pain in the ass sometimes, but I just bought a pack of 5 batteries and that basically solves the problem The video is fairly good for this price range, and it is quite shock resistant which is good for a beginner. Hope that helps.
  3. This Quadcopter Syma X1 is meant to be used not only indoors, but also outdoors in calm weather. A very lightweight construction helps prevent damage in case of small accidents that may occur during training. Main Features: • Very light • Durable frame • Resistant to damage All electronic components are located on a single board. Charging the copter is implemented via a USB cable. The 3-axis gyro with adjustable sensitivity gives the Syma X1 a perfect stability. It is also capable of performing the 360 degrees flip (upside down). The flight time can be up to 4-6 minutes. Technical Specifications: Power supply: Battery Li-Po 3.7 V 350 mAh Type: Quadracopter Flight range: 40 meters Engine type: electric Remote control: 4-channel Height: 60 mm Diameter: 260 mm Country of origin China Principle of operation The copter is equipped with four electric motors on each propeller. It incorporates the 3-axis stabilization of the copter during the flight. The execution of the 360 degrees flip will require some training, but fairly easy to implement. Light body with Lexan protects against impacts to the board electronics. Use and storage The remote controller is simple to operate. The Syma X1 quadcopter is fairly stable, thus it is ideal for video recording and even for children usage. The Syma X1 is controlled via the four channels, just like any four-channel helicopter: RPM (height), pitch (forward, back), Aileron (roll right, roll left), rudder (turn left, turn right) To extend the flight time you can order a couple of spare batteries, which are very cheap. It is best to avoid flying the copter in strong wind conditions.
  4. Hi LandShark, You might find some useful information for a beginner in this site:
  5. The Galaxy Visitor is a new model in the lineup from the Nine Eagles; it is fundamentally different from its predecessors with the ability to transfer video right to your smartphone via WiFi! FPV video transmission system for your smartphone The main feature of the new model is the FPV system (First Person View). The picture from the camcorder is transmitted in real time to the mobile device; it is available for both the Android and iOS platforms. The impressive HD camera mounted on a soft surface, provides high quality images and makes you feel like you are in the cockpit of the aircraft, the videos are saved on Micro SD memory card, included in the kit. Quadcopter for any experience level pilot Simple control device of the Galaxy Visitor 6 and great stability makes it a great choice for a beginner. Shock-resistant housing and propellers made of flexible plastic to withstand even the strongest blows that can occur for inexperienced pilot. The quadrocopter can be configured individually for every user, so this craft will be fun for even an experienced pilot. The model can perform 360 degrees flip maneuver in any direction. Integrated stabilization system works so precisely that quadrocopter maintain its height and aligned immediately after the flip. Loss of signal is not a danger to the Galaxy Visitor 6. The Fail Safe function (factory default configuration) will safely land the quadrocopter on the ground even when you turn off the remote controller. Increase your flight time up to 20-30 minutes! By removing the FPV system and installation of optional 1200 mAh battery (purchased separately) you will receive an aircraft with outstanding flight performance and unprecedented for this class, a flight time of 20 minutes with aggressive flying and up to 30 minutes in hover mode! With three color schemes and radio frequency intersection protection, it is possible to arrange mutual flights with friends and conduct various competitions: accuracy landing, drag racing, performing aerobatic figures – the extended flight time is more than enough for any experiments! For standard configuration the flight time ranges from 10 to 15 minutes. Galaxy Visitor 6 ready to fly out of the box! The manufacturer has taken care to ensure that you do not waste time on the assembly and adjustment of the model and feel the joy of flight as soon as possible. Galaxy Visitor 6 fully assembled and equipped with all that necessary, including the batteries for the remote controller. Just charge the battery, install the free app Nine Eagles APP on your smartphone, and the sky is the only limit! The factory settings of the quadcopter are perfect for pilots at beginner and amateur experience levels. The Bottom Line: The New Galaxy Visitor 6 from Nine Eagles is not just a worthy successor of the popular series – It is a brand new, incredibly reliable model with excellent flight characteristics. In particular, the designed from scratch stabilization system which provides excellent stability in a wide range of angles and speeds. P.S. I hope you've enjoyed this review, This is one of my first reviews on the topic, so, I'll appreciate any comments you would have. Also, I've started a blog at please feel free to visit for more reviews and guides.