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  1. 1. Drone Electronic Speed Controller (ESC) ESC stands for Electronic Speed Controller, and they control the speed of the motors in drone. The ESC receives throttle signals from the flight controller, and drives the brushless motor at the desired speed. There is a working current on the label of ESC, such as 20A, 30A, etc. This is the maximum continuous working current of ESC, and if it continues to exceed the current, the ESC will burn out. When the multirotor drone is moving at high speed or hovering in a windy environment, the working current will be greatly increased. Therefore, we
  2. The use of agricultural drones in agriculture has become more and more mature. Demand for agricultural drones is increasing around the world.For electric agricultural drones, the use of lipo batteryas a power source has become mainstream.The quality of the drone battery is important. However, any of the best batteries can not avoid the following problems. 1. Battery is prone to man-made damage When they hear that, many battery buyers will say, “Isn’t that nonsense?”. No, that’s not useless. The difference between an agricultural drone battery and other drone batteries is its la
  3. vickyace

    Manned Drone

    Did you ever dream of flying freely in the air when you were a child? Now, someone has successfully realized his dream of flying. He is Zhao Deli, who succeeded in inventing a drone capable of carrying people. This new type of motorcycle/drone, which looks very much like the airship in the movie, can be lifted vertically by driving these motorcycles while flying, and its speed is amazing. And the Manned drone with Four axis and eight rotor design, and adopts Grepow exclusive Customized battery that with high capacity, high C rate, longer flight time, strong power, safe and stabl
  4. Black Friday coming soon, big save have come on Do you make a list for your drone? 1) 20-22 Nov: Pre-Black Friday Buy 2 get 1 free gift for special items + $15 off over $198; $30 off over $298. 2) 23rd Nov: Black Friday (Only 24 Hours) Up to 50% off for popular item + other surprises 3) 24-26 Nov: Cyber Monday Shop here:
  5. We have been using Tattu 16000mAh 4s batteries for two seasons now in the Antarctic. Flying the Alta 6 from a small inflatable boat in the extreme cold and 200mile offshore. These have been super dependable with a relatively linear discharge rate and flight times are amazing and have been very consistent!! Tattu are by far the best batteries we have used so far. ---From Julian Dale's Experience review.
  6. One of the favourites of my friend fleet. This is an upgrade of his first Floss build. Maiden to be done, looking forward to seeing how fast it can be! Hyperlite Floss V1 Setup: Furious FPV Fortini OSD Hobbywing 4in1 ESC 40A Xnova 2207-2600KV Runcam Micro Swift 2 Emax Magnum VTX TBS Linear Antenna Will be maiden with DAL 5050 2-Blade Props and Tattu R-Line Version2.0 1550mAh HV battery, hopefully soon! Part List: Frame - Hyperlite FLOSS 5 inch Racing Frame Flight Controller - FORTINI F4 OSD 32Khz Flight Controller SKU: FPV-FORTOSD ESCs - Hobb
  7. New partner. Blade Torrent110 with Tattu 450mah 3S battery. They all look like so cool. Works well!