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  1. Hehe.. I'll believe that when I see it :-D But a can-do attitude is allways a bless ;-)
  2. The 4/3 aspect is a bummer yes.. the inspire wit x5 too expensive for now. I'll have some cropping to do I guess :-S
  3. Hello Bruno, thank you for your reply! About the DSLR; I guess I wasn't very clear about that .. I want to combine using the drone cam footage and the DSLR footage together. Since the P4 has the option to film in 'raw' settings (greyish but with full range) and using cineware on the DSLR I hope to achieve some image consistency by colorgrading the two after the edit.. I fully agree with the point about the multicopter but budgetwise I have to start somewhere.. Thanx again!
  4. Dear UAV people, I read an introduction is much appreciated so here I go..I'll try to keep it short;-) I'm considereing buying an Phantom 4 in a few weeks.. I am someone that tries to get back in his old skill- and toolset and I am currently looking for work. I graduated as a Multimedia designer a long time ago.. (but in this galaxy). I worked as a 3D modeler on computer games, virtual reality- and video presentations and once in a while I still work on filmfestival shorts as a volunteer doing FX, titles, illustrations..animations. At some point it was necesary to adapt to the situation and I got into software testing and skilled support. But because the IT sector, where I worked in the last couple of years, makes me die from the inside out I am currently persuing the wish to make coorporate video productions with VR and 360 initiatives on the side. I am someone with ideas and I need to place my creativity somewhere. There are some plans on the drawing board to create a decent portfolio where I can show-off beautifull shot edits and 360 applications to get my first paying customer The first few will have te be done for free :-S. I am well aware of the potential of the chosen equipment and the potential and prices of the more professional stuff.. this is something for later or rent. I need to start very modest with a DSLR, a Phantom4 and a Gear 360. I have some good network connections around me in the field (I will definately need a sound guy) so I hope these ingredients and my 300% motivation can make this all work. The alternative is save money but certain death..(No offence, I'm just not an IT man). Are there any like minded souls around here..maybe with some experience on the choices that are up ahead? And considering a small start budget I wonder if my assumption about the P4's possabilities to deliver semi pro footage is correct? Thnx and Regards, Vincent