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  1. Covers on terminals are at your discretion. I have flown on all major airlines across 8 different countries, as long as you have your batteries in your carry on you should have no issues. I usually travel with 5 batteries (Mavic) and never been questioned by TSA or foriegn customs/ security.
  2. Who knew......scientists collect whale sputum (snot) with a drone. https://www.recode.net/2017/6/9/15765302/drones-scientists-collect-whale-snot-health-pollution-oceans-snotbot
  3. A not too smart fellow decided to fly over stadium and fans. http://wkrn.com/2017/06/12/man-cited-for-flying-drone-over-nissan-stadium-during-cma-fest/
  4. Their rules pretty much are a copy of USA FAA. No flying over persons, traffic and buildings. If you are flying commercial ( for pay) they require 107 and actual pilots license. I was told this by immigration/customs when I went through Amsterdam. Never did confirm it since I was just flying for pleasure. I tried to stay as close as I could to their rules. Flew mostly in the morning hours when traffic and bikes were minimal. Then tried to stay away from directly overhead. Never had any issues from police which stoped and watched me in the town of Zaanse Schans. I was flying a Mavic. Traveled with it in a small semi-hard case in my back pack. No problems with customs in USA or EU. Hint with Mavic: it does NOT do well with low level flight over water. The downward facing sensors seem to have a problem when you are lower that 10feet. Not very consistent with holding altitude. Tried it several times under different lighting conditions. Above 20 ft it worked like a charm.
  5. I have been using Adobe Premier Elements. Kind of a scaled down version on Premier Pro. Does a great job and doesnt require the processing power Premier Pro CC needs. I would say based on my experience, minimum PC to use Premeire elements....i5 with 8gb RAM. Mac or PC. Comes with both when you purchase it.
  6. Traveled with my Mavic ( from Nashville) all across the Netherlands. This is some video from the Zaanse Schans area.