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  1. Here is the Latest Episode of Behind the Goggles , a show profiling many of the top FPV pilots. This episode features Steve Petrotto, who runs Team Spektrum for Horizon Hobby. Steve won the flying wing section at Drone Worlds in Hawaii.
  2. They don't get a ton of submissions so if you do submit you've got a decent chance of winning the monthly prize especially if the theme for the month is up your alley from a cinematic standpoint. YourVuz Monthly Drone Video Contest/Web Series
  3. Profile of Timo Osaken, one of Finland's Top Aerial Videographers
  4. This is a web series in which cash prizes are awarded each month based on drone video submissions on a selected theme. The theme for this month was "Fire and Ice": YourVuz: Fire and Ice Submissions each month run to dozens not hundreds so definitely winnable especially if the theme is up your (cinematic) alley.
  5. Below is a link to another story on the same topic. I thought it was absurd they had to do this days before. These drones weight a few ounces. It was a little crazy to have a 35 miles no drone circle but it was absurd to not exempt the NFL itself. Nuts! News Story on Drones at the Superbowl
  6. Sorry I posted before I could finish and couldn't figure out how to delete it. What I was going to say was that I think the cinematic potential of combining drones and high power LED banks is pretty astounding. If you watch the video I linked to this was done with maybe $100 worth of LED banks attached to an Inspire-sized drone. It's pretty incredible, and sort of surprising that so people have tried it so far.
  7. Alan sorry I didn't respond to this sooner. I was wondering whether you might be interested in talking about potentially partnering with AirVuz on content. We have a bunch of original programming - including the AirVuz News series - which I think could provide some good relevant content for your site. Here is a link to the AirVuz News page on our site: AirVuz News Channel Page. If you look through the stories, a lot of them have to do with the phenomenon of hobbyists turning into professionals, which i think is probably quite relevant to your site members. We also do a series called Drone Dish where we interview some of the site's top contributors and highlight their content. The people we interview on this show are by and large pilots who either have made the transition to being professionals or are in the process of doing so. Anyway we would be open to partnering with you to basically give you this content for use on your site. If you look at the individual posts for these series, the descriptions with each post can be converted into a short article with minimal effort, and then of course the video itself could be embedded on your site, We would be open to giving you exclusive use of this content for use on your site - ie, the original post would continue to sit on our site but you would have the exclusive right to convert what we've written into the description and create a short article on your site. If you would be interested in discussing this further please let me know - my email is misrael@airvuz.com and my cell phone is 612/251-9659. In the mean time we will start posting things in your forums now that I know we can embed the videos. We will keep it highly relevant of course. Look forward to speaking with you. Best regards, Mike
  8. Yes it is all one and the same. Footage from the Behind the Goggles series actually got incorporated into the ESPN1 broadcast of the Drone Nationals on Sunday and Kendall Mark (who hosts the Behind the Goggles series) was a guest ESPN commentator. Anyway is there any way in which AirVuz videos could get embedded on your site like YouTube and Vimeo videos? That would be great for us and I think it would be good for you too it's literally 100% drone related nothing is on our site if it isn't. Let me know if you'd like to talk more. Best, Mike