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  1. Got the temp certificate email this morning -- UAS Pilot In Command!!!! Any one notice that if you use your UAV for commercial use - that each one needs to be registered with own number and $5 a machine -- Next the arduous process of waivers vs contacting ATC.
  2. took two days to show up in IACRA, app submitted and now another wait !! sigh
  3. Spitfiire76, I concur on lack of SDK. I do know that there are third parties working on a mission planning app as I type. I was asked to be interviewed, but I was in Baton Rouge during the floods and did not have the bandwidth for that interview. I did however get asked to do some testing during beta. We will see... So far the XSP is a good quad, I have however got the one out of 20 sold by aerohobbies with drop outs on video. the unit will be going back under RMA this week. Hope Autel does the right thing as this is a 5 week old quad and major issue. That being said, support is great. you call you either get a person or a call back. The P4 will be my bang around - ordering that this week.
  4. passed my 107 yesterday - even withe the ambiguous question and answers on some questions. Scored a 93. now waiting to info to hit IARCA.
  5. A little introduction about myself. I started flying flying back when a youngster - mostly control line. I grew up with aviation as my father was a pilot in the USAF. Took pilot trainging until I could not afford anymore after leaving the nest. After graduation I was in the Army aviation program as a UH1 crew chief. After leaving Army , several jobs and back to school for a degree in Art - Photography Major from LSU. I moved to Dallas in 89 and was a commercial photographer until 1996, when I re-invented myself - and moved to IT. Presently I am a Sr. Systems Engineer for a medical company. I started flying again about 4 years ago. Spurred by what I saw as a fledgling market for UAV photography systems. Unfortunately, that was stomped on by 333 rule and needing to have a pilots license. So I just flew for enjoyment. 41 planes (gas and electric) many quads of all shapes and sizes multiple CP Helis. It became a passion. Heck I am even the VP of my local club. With the advent of the FAR 41 Section 107. It peaked my interest again to possibly pursue a new re-invention in my career path. I recently purchased a Autel XSP and I have planes for a P4, Inspire 1 as well as a Matrice 100 coming soon. After passing my 107 test on Tuesday, I already have decided to try to make a living doing what I love. Tech and Flying. I have registered my LLC with State of Texas, purchased my domain name and have started the ball rolling on getting the biz started. My interests are Agriculture, Mapping, Inspections, Search & Rescue and maybe some photography (going back to my Dallas roots). I am very excited to see where this takes me.
  6. what is the cost for those sensors? Thanks