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  1. Thank you!! We just made a new video with Marketing Tips for UAV Coach members Check out the video there. I had promised Alan and Zacc that updated video for quite some time now. Thanks for the compliments and I'm always here to help!
  2. Thanks Christa! If anyone wants to check out some of our recent real estate photo shoots or drone videos they can be viewed in our RTV gallery here -
  3. We have a sales and marketing training event tomorrow night. If anyone has interest feel free to stop on by and check it out - These are simple strategies that will work for any real estate drone pilot / real estate photographer. Happy New Year!
  4. Those of you that want to market to Golf Courses should take a moment to check this out It's an interactive scorecard product that utilizes aerial drone photography and the Fusion virtual tour system. These will sell for about $300 bucks a hole. I'm here to help if you're interested in making one.
  5. Hello Michael. The real estate side of this is certainly "Turn and Burn" however if you streamline things enough and dial it in Henry Ford style it can be quite profitable. Most of the aerial drone pilots that we associate with charge a flat fee for package A, which includes, X, Y, and Z and so on. Each package may grow incrementally and contain more still photos and more video as you go from package to package. This would be for residential. When it comes to commercial most of the guys and gals out there are charging an hourly or several hundred dollars per minute. See the vast difference between our real estate drone here - and our commercial pricing here - Post production is an entirely different beast. I don't know anyone that farms that out but I would encourage you to follow Grant Johnson. He really knows his stuff and there's a lot of good free stuff there to get started with. Give me a shout if you like. Always available to help.
  6. Hello everyone! We have about 130 slots left. Hope to see you on the show this coming Tuesday
  7. Feel free to review our pricing at I should have posted that sooner on the thread. We have not increased it in a few years and will likely do so when we add the live chat, live text and live video to our productions here this Fall. You can see our productions here the guys have really come a long way! Two of our three pilots have been with us since 2016.
  8. Hello everyone! You're all more than welcome to come to our webinar next week if you would like to learn about property lines, calls outs, and droppers! It's a great way to stand out, look unique and make more money with your drone videos. You can register for the up and coming show here - Hope to see you there! Sincerely, Jason
  9. Hello UAV Coach Community! I hope everyone is having a good summer given the circumstances. I've been wanting to start a thread dedicated to helping folks out with sales and marketing for awhile now but could not seem to find the time. @Alan Perlman it's fantastic to see the community continue to grow and thrive! I've had the pleasure of meeting quite a few folks from this group over the phone and I must say you're all a great bunch! I thought I would kick things off here by inviting anyone interested in real estate drone sales & marketing to our webinar next week. We have a very special guest speaker. I'm sorry for such a last-minute invite but again time is incredibly scarce these days. Use the link below if you would like to come to a real estate sales and marketing training show that we're holding this coming Tuesday, July 28th at 8PM Eastern. Co-Host is world famous real estate photographer, Darryl Stringer. Our shows typically only run about an hour. Here you go - Hope you can make it! If you can't make it we'll have the replay available on our channel here - Sorry it's so empty. We just signed up on this new webinar platform this month. So far so good! If you can't make this show you should come to our next one. I don't have it scheduled yet but it will be a one hour training session on how to add property lines, property droppers and call-outs to your aerial drone video productions. It's been a big money-maker for us over at and I'm sure it can be for you all too if you're not yet doing it. We get an extra $30 bucks per parcel. Here's a couple of examples - I like this one too - Once that show is scheduled later this coming week, I'll be sure to drop the registration link back here. We can only hold 500 so it's first come first type a deal. Happy Saturday everyone! Sincerely, Jason
  10. If you get good with lightroom and photoshop you should be good to go! All of the MLS boards are different. You should be able to get all the specs by reaching out to the real estate board. If you call ask them how much it costs to become an affiliate member too. During the conversation ask the questions you want to ask. Sometimes they only talk to you if they're going to sell you something. Keep that in mind before you call. They're not all easy to work with. We're very lucky with our MLS as they're very kind and post our tours for us. Everyone above is correct. Learn to do as much as possible (still photos, interiors, print flyers, tours, reports, virtual staging, sms text marketing, head shots, video walkthroughs, zillow tours, property sites, etc) if you want to blow it out. If you're good with just a few customers and it's a side gig that other stuff does not matter but your customers may come and go quickly as someone that offers a one stop shop package comes along. Realtors like as much done for them as possible. If you want go grow big focus your business around that fact. Become their personal assistant on a per listing basis and you'll grow huge. Here if anyone has questions!
  11. The very best way to approach this is to work directly with agents. Home seller approach is not something I would tell you not to do but stick with it, put out an excellent product and you'll quickly find that you'll attract realtors that want to look better, sell faster, and stand out. We started up our Traverse City Real Estate Photography (and now also a drone business) in 2007. Work on your packages, service offerings and pricing. If you put together a nice menu of real estate marketing services you'll thrive. Big word of advice here is for you to not ONLY focus on drone but also your still photography and interiors. If you want to go huge focus on the lowest common denominator which is still photos. You can't list a house anywhere around the world without still photos, so if you become a one-stop-shop for everything a realtor needs you'll become the "Go-To" outfit for more and more realtors. Now the idea of going directly to the homeowner may get you some shoots, starting there and forcing the agents into your services could hurt your relationships. At the end of the day you want to cultivate lasting and positive relationships with the agents and this will take your time and energy. Join the local home builders and real estate association and offer up some of your services to them. Maybe teach a class for free and let them monetize it. At BlueLaVa, we teach a photography course. This seems odd because we photograph 1000+ homes a year and that's out bread and butter but at the end of the day the 10 realtors in the room of 30 that do their own photography would never use you anyway. It's the twenty that appreciate and understand the value of using a professional. Learn some professional real estate photography statistics and commit them to memory. Throw them around every chance you get. Differentiate yourself from the others out there that are just slinging photos and youtube drone video links by delivering your photos and videos in a unique way via a property website or a virtual tour like Tom does over at Sharp Eye. At BlueLaVa, we use the RTV tour and boost marketing system and have since 2007. It delivers everything to the agents for us, collects payment, sends out weekly sellers reports, pushes to youtube for us, gives us lead capture and flyers, and soon it will do all the job scheduling. The tours look stunning with drone footage in them and the property websites are some of the best looking out there that I've seen. Let me know if you have questions -
  12. @Dave Pitman Thank you for sharing that link above!!! I took a few minutes just now and set up on your portal. We have three aerial drone pilots on our team and over the last two seasons we've been picking up more and more sailing projects. 95% of our drone business is real estate related but the commercial side is picking up more and more each year. In 2019 we did close to 350 aerial drone operations for local realtors and about 20 commercial shoots. Sure enough we landed another sailing shoot last year! I will tell you guys and girls back here that these sailing shoots are quite lucrative! Especially if you're used to shooting $150 - $250 real estate shoots all the time! We put this tour together awhile back so we would have a demo to show folks that inquire with us about shooting their sailing event or fleet of sailboats Check it out and thank you Brian for posting this thread! I believe there's a lot of business to be had in this venue!! Sincerely, Jason
  13. Hello there everyone! RTV at is gearing up for a great 2020 with more of our national accounts requesting aerial drone photography and video. If you have not set up a profile in our Tour Track system and would like to create a profile please feel free to set up an account here - Please note that our system allows aerial drone pilots to pick up jobs from our accounts as well as utilize our image delivery and boost marketing system. We allow you to not only deliver your finished product to your customers, but also offer your customers several additional marketing services like property sites, lead capture, branded and non-branded tour links and weekly seller's reports. It's pretty slick if you work with listing agents. Ideally, for our national account jobs, we're looking for folks that are 107 certified, insured, and run an existing business. To see some examples of what you can do with the system visit our gallery here - RTV currently services Motel 6, Red Roof Inn, Choice Hotels, Red Lion Hotels, and many more. Hope to talk with you soon! Sincerely, Jason
  14. We essentially set up a menu of service offerings that include everything from still photos, aerial drone sessions and more. You can see all of our property marketing packages here - Thank you Philip!
  15. Have you thought about offering floor plans with your property marketing services? I would recommend a couple of floor plan solutions. First and foremost I like to recommend Magic Plan by Sensopia. Mostly because it just works and literally anyone can do it with just a little practice. Check it out. The other one that I've begun hearing good things about is Measure Tap which was created by my friends over at Occipital. They make the really slick 3D scanner that goes on an iPhone or Droid. Their product is showing some promise and is called Tap Measure Once your floor plan is finished you can toss it into a tour player for one heck of a final interactive presentation. Let's take a peek - Cheers! Jason