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  1. Hello everyone! We have a large photography and aerial drone shoot here Seminary Rd Alexandria, VA 22311 It looks like a no go but I thought that I would reach out here since some of you have special waivers. Please advise. Jason
  2. Hello everyone! RTV is securing more and more accounts that are looking to have aerial drone photography and video services done on a national level. In many cases the we already have someone using our virtual tour system that is able to handle these jobs, but there are many holes in our network when it comes to UAV services. Bobbi Jo Lawrence from RTV will be posting here as we need coverage and we look forward to sending lots of jobs to folks in this group!
  3. We essentially set up a menu of service offerings that include everything from still photos, aerial drone sessions and more. You can see all of our property marketing packages here - Thank you Philip!
  4. Have you thought about offering floor plans with your property marketing services? I would recommend a couple of floor plan solutions. First and foremost I like to recommend Magic Plan by Sensopia. Mostly because it just works and literally anyone can do it with just a little practice. Check it out. The other one that I've begun hearing good things about is Measure Tap which was created by my friends over at Occipital. They make the really slick 3D scanner that goes on an iPhone or Droid. Their product is showing some promise and is called Tap Measure Once your floor plan is finished you can toss it into a tour player for one heck of a final interactive presentation. Let's take a peek - Cheers! Jason
  5. Those of you getting suited up to sell and market to real estate agents, home builders or developers should take some time and review some hard-hitting stats that you can include in your marketing materials. For BlueLaVaMedia pieces we simply google "Professional Real Estate Photography Statistics" Keep in mind that professional still photos are at the very core of selling to realtors. Realtors MUST have still photos to list and sell properties. have something that they must have in order to even put the listing on the MLS (multiple listing service). To get started I recommend that you memorize a few of these hard hitting facts. When you make your real estate packages, consider making them with still photos at the very base of everything since they must have these. If you can get the still photography work AND the drone work you cannot be eclipsed by a real estate photographer who gets their 107. Make yourself bulletproof in 2018!
  6. Jay will be hosting a show tomorrow night everyone. Please feel free to drop on by. Read more about tomorrow night's webinar here All about picking up gigs in 2018. Keep in mind that 95% of our gigs are virtual tours and still photos. We do have two major hotel brands 8000+ hotels asking us about drone packages and pricing so it is coming. Currently, we have three national accounts that include aerial drone work. Hope to see you there!
  7. Have your realtor buddy set you up in the MLS as if you were shopping for homes in the X price range and X miles from where you live. You will start getting daily listings that are brand new and match your search criteria. Find the listing agents of those homes and congratulate them on their recent new listing. This works very well. Listings are NEW, agents just got the home listed and now they are looking for marketing services to sell it. Additionally, you might consider picking up gigs from RTV. We have a show tomorrow all about this Ciao, Jason
  8. Thank you very much Alan! I have been trying to find back here in the community where to post our next couple shows that we have coming up at RTV. I suppose here is the best logical spot. So we have a show coming up tomorrow and anyone back here is welcome. This show tomorrow will teach you how to do virtual staging and you can register here What we have found over at is that the more you can offer real estate agents the better. You become their personal assistant on a per-listing basis and that's HUGE. You are their FIRST phone call when they get that listing because you can do everything to help promote and market their properties online. Ok show number two is next week. Register for that here - Next week's show will be all about picking up jphoto and drone jobs from RTV. Last year we pushed out several thousand jobs and this year it's likely to be even more since we just picked up Best Western. Anyone is more than welcome to attend these shows. Jay and I are here to help you with any and all marketing needs! Sincerely, Jason
  9. For something like this we get close to $500. That's for our largest real estate photography package and our large aerial drone package. I believe they also purchased our Media Exposure Engine and single property website. For drone only we charge about $260 and if they get a photo package for their property we charge $150 unless they need a lot of footage like the one above. Hope that helps!