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  1. Yeah, I've had that 45 degree thing as a concern. I just kinda eyeball it, such that I know that the straight shot pics have some decent overlap with the 45 ones. Andy
  2. As to the questions and issues above. I haven't had any trouble with uploading. The pics have uploaded fairly quickly. Also, I've done about 55 missions and only one was rejected due to something being wrong with it. Probably because it was very windy and the drone probably moved a little too much. Even though the P4 does phenomenally well in pretty high wind. I haven't done any for a little while now, though. I've never gotten offered a client mission... Andy
  3. I have a real-world testimonial about Dronebase. I've been doing pano missions for them for a few weeks now, usually going out a couple days per week. And I've actually gotten paid. Without being too specific, I got paid on about 40% of the properties I've done. And as mentioned above, it takes about 10-15 minutes at most. I do spend a little time logging my trips, the houses I do, and driving. But it's not too bad. There is the advantage of logging hours, if you're new and need some hours, and getting in some practice and confidence. On the privacy issue, I will point out that while you are not "over" the property you are doing, when you back out to do the pano part, you are over other peoples' properties, as you're in the middle of a neighborhood. But you're 100' up, and I haven't had any issues with people. I have even had neighbors doing stuff outside, coming out to do things. They have seen me, saw the drone, everything I was doing, and not a single person has said anything. So I'll be going out some more, and hopefully will eventually get some client missions(higher paying). Andy
  4. It is 400' above the ground that you are over. So if there's a hill, you go up to be 400' above the hill. The distance is for safety reasons, so it wouldn't be very safe to run into a 500' hill. Andy
  5. Took the test today, and passed! Feels good to get that done. I've got two Phantom 4's, ready to start marketing. But that's historically been the hardest part for me... marketing myself. Need to get better at that. Andy
  6. I had something happen this morning, and found this thread to see if anyone has had this problem. A little background for my situation: I live in a rural area on 40 acres. You'd think that would be good, plenty of space to fly your drone around. But the properties here are long and fairly narrow. So the neighbors at least two houses down on either side can see my drone even if I just go straight up and above my house. Now, if I go down towards the back of the property, which is wide open and sloping, the neighbors have an even better view of the drone flying around. Now some background on many of the people that live out here: You're sort've afraid to go on anyone's property to knock on their door. You don't know what might happen. Now, mind you, I'm a gun person, but I'm not a nutjob like quite a few people out here are. And I think the mentality on drones with them, is that it's one of those "spyin' machines". And if they see one, they'll shoot it. Period. I have not flown over anyone's house nor even their property except maybe it's crossed the edges way down at the far ends, where you can hardly see the property or the drone(it's almost a half mile away), and there is absolutely nothing down there. Anyway, so I go out for a quick flight, circle the house a couple of times for practice shots, then go out into the back for a little distance. I hear shots (definitely a shotgun, like I said, I do have guns and know what they sound like) from one of the neighbors to the north. And while there is some shooting that goes on here (you can shoot on your property here), I have never ever heard shooting from that location. And it was only while my drone was flying. Hmmmm... So wanted to come on here and see if anyone had posted about the legality of such things, which I see they have. And just letting you know of a situation where some "rural" people may give us some problems. Andy
  7. You mentioned dying from the inside due to the day-job. I can completely relate to that. While I've enjoyed working as a developer for the most part, I am mostly done with working for a company. I have worked for myself in the past, and I *must* get back to it or I will definitely die. On the P4 choice, while I just got mine, I did a ton of research, and while it's not the absolute best you can get, I think it does quite well. I've shot a bunch of video of my property and surrounding area, haven't processed any of it yet (I'm just practicing) and even right out of the machine it looks pretty darn good. I am also amazed at how steady and smooth the video is, and every time I have been up I have had 20-30 mph winds. No kidding. And I can't even tell it's windy out when looking at the video. I think it will do you(us) just fine for a good while. Just my newbie opinion. Andy
  8. AndyA


    Hello, New droney here. I've had a couple of toy drones, the latest being the second one on the list of cheap drones here, the DBPOWER MJX X400W. Then just a couple of weeks ago I got the Phantom 4. It is super nice. I do seriously want to become a professional drone pilot, am working on my 107 test and will have it shortly. My previous experiences have all been leading me to this, it seems. I'm currently (mostly) a software developer (mostly web these days). I'm a ham radio operator, I've been a semi-serious photographer (haven't done much lately, though) and videographer, with even some editing and processing experience. Some of it for clients and their websites for various things. And, I went to flight school in the past, being just a couple of hours short of getting my private license (had some money issues crop up). I'm also a tech geek, and am fascinated with robotics. And I'd say a drone is a robot with a specific function. I'd like to try various areas of drone work at first, see what works for me. There is a lot of scenery here in CO, I also live in a rural area so want to see what agricultural work I can find, and anything else. Looking forward to learning more and getting this on the road... er, in the air. Andy