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  1. Thanks, I really appreciate the advise!
  2. Can I fly here? I'm wanting to double check whether I can fly in this Alert Area: A-531 (see attached snippet area of Charlotte Sectional and supplement). As I understand it flying in the area North of the town of Troy the Alert Area (A-531) is in effect Monday to Friday 0600 to 2400 and during weekends via NOTAM and between 200ft and 1500ft AGL, meaning that I should be able to fly below 200ft AGL during the week, whilst being alert for manned aircraft or during the weekend up to 400ft as long as I check NOTAMs before flying. I do have my part 107 and North Carolina commercial drone certification. Can anyone confirm this is correct? And if not, do I have to apply for a CoWA to fly commercially here? Thanks!