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  1. Hello, I just discovered the Matrice 100 and there are some questions I’d like to ask: As far as I know, the Matrice 100 has additional expansion bays which allows me to add my own components and computing boards/microcontroller board. I want to add my own WIFI module, Depth Camera, Infrared Camera…etc. These components are to link with the microcontroller board while the board communicates with the Matrice 100. I’d like to ask: 1. Will the Matrice 100 be able to satisfy my needs? 2. If it can, what microcontroller board/ can meet my needs? Where can I buy it or does DJI sell it? 3. Which Depth Cameras & Infrared Cameras be able to link with a computing board? Does DJI sell this stuff? 4. If the Matice 100 doesn’t meet my needs, what kind of UAV will?