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  1. Hi John, glad to hear that there is some Drone pilots from this forum around me! Sounds good, will be glad to help you with that. I will send you an email soon. Thanks Alan Little correction the store will open in Pompano Beach, Fort Lauderdale area and not in Orlando. Can't wait to share the pictures once we opened!
  2. Hi everyone! My name is Benjamin (Ben is fine!) I am originally from France. I started to fly remote controlled aircraft few years ago when I was still in France. Then I got into drones with a drone from hobby king and the KK board for those who are familiar with this (old) technology. I was flying it in the living room just to impress my friends and family. Then when I got here in the U.S and I started flying drones for real estate agents, celebrities, and producers. (I was using an Inspire 1 V.1) Later on I got lucky to meet with my american friend Josh during an internship at DSLRpros and we started Verydrone in Pompano Beach, FL. Today, I just finished my studies in aerospace engineering and I got more free time to enjoy flying, I am truly passionate by drones and the evolution of the technology. My favorite drone is the Phantom 4 but I think I am going to like the Breeze as soon as I can get it! Also I am glad I met Alan, the founder of this website for a couple of times during Drones Exhibition in Orlando and Las Vegas. I will try to spend some of my time here on this forum to learn more about the industry and to help people when I can! Thanks for reading :-) Ben