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  1. Finally got my Cert Number on the website. Just waiting for the physical mailed version.
  2. @AliNaI get what you are saying but to be an authority on a topic he doesn't need to know how to operate or fly on. He only knows the rules and he is passing on the information. In some of the video he actually states he has no idea why they implemented some of them since they really don't coincide with UAV operation and makes a joke about it. So I feel that this guy wants us to operate but he has to inform and enforce the rules. Over time I think they will make some adjustments to the regulations. I can't watch the video at the moment but i'll check it out once I get back into the states. Regards
  3. Bert, Found some more info on Line of Site (VLOS). The FAA employee states that you can not have a VO aided by electronics. This is strange since the reg does not state this at all. He goes further in the video (Q&A section) to correct that aided communication is acceptable. Watch the video at 23:38 on VLOS and VO. The entire video is good info so I recommend watching all of it. Some of the video has info for registration on Minnesota sUAS laws so it may not apply to your state.
  4. Hello All, Got some feedback from a pilot instructor I know. His responce below. Hi Carlos, The requirement to notify an airport when operating within 5 NM no longer applies under Part 107. It is only applicable to people flying drones recreationally. However, if you are trying to operate within the surface area of class B (the center core that extends to the surface), you will have to request an airspace authorization through the FAAs online portal. This can take up to 90 days. Do you know if your planned location is actually in controlled airspace? If not, you would not need any authorization to operate. Watch this video at 26:15. The entire video is great but watch at 26:15 to answer this question directly from FAA employee. The waiver is for a special condition as he specifies.
  5. Hi Bert, You could use a VO (Visual Observer) thats 2 miles away giving you more coverage. You and the visual observer would need constant contact with a radio, walkie (something reliable, not a phone). According to the reg the VO does not have to be in the immediate vicinity of the pilot. But honestly not sue why we would need a drone to go 7 miles cause it will probably not make it back due to low battery. We should just move closer to the job site if possible. As far as the regular consumer that does not know the laws, there is not much we can do but let them get caught in the act. Aquarion75 (Carlos)
  6. The FAA declines to add a requirement that the visual observer must stand close enough to the remote pilot in command to have the same visual line of sight. The remote pilot in command, the person manipulating the flight controls of the small UAS (if that person is not the remote pilot in command), and the visual observer will be able to satisfy their see-and-avoid responsibilities if they are each positioned in a manner where they have sufficient visual line of sight of the unmanned aircraft and surrounding airspace (as specified in § 107.31). This can be accomplished without each person having the same exact line of sight as the other people involved in the operation. The FAA also emphasizes that even though part 107 will not prohibit the use of an FPV device by the remote pilot in command, FPV may not be used to meet the visual-line-of-sight requirements of this rule. With this wording you could have a Visual Observer and use your FPV goggles. I found this on page 42099 (center column) at this FAA website. which is a pdf version of this original FAA website
  7. If you want to look it up it's made by a company called Schilling based out of California. Cool work I'm just really tired of working in Africa.
  8. Hi all, i know that the DJI sUAV's have a data logger for all your flights but how do you show this to a company if you apply for a job. Is anyone using a real pilots log or is the digital version sufficient. I see where this could be an issue if I pilot my friends UAV and I cannot take the log with me. I am just trying to make a standard for myself so I have proof of my flight time regardless of who's UAV I pilot. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  9. @RTV, Inc. - Jay many thanks for the suggestion. That's what I will be doing once I come back from my rotation in Nigeria. @Alan Perlman I guess an ROV is similar to a UAV but it's tethered. The distance we can travel is close to 3 miles below the surface of the water. It's a bit more expensive. The ROV I work with is about 8 million dollars once it's all completed and setup plus whatever additional tooling is added to the ROV. I mainly work with oil and gas installing new wells, pipelines, manifolds, and maintenance on subsea equipment but I have also done UXO (unexplored ordinance) recovery as well. Like I mentioned before it is really hard finding a position with an established company as most of my experience is with ROV's. So for now I will buy a phantom 4 and start out doing work with my real estate friends. If you want more detail on ROV's just send me a PM and I can show you some pictures of the vehicles I work with. Best regards, Aquarion75 (Carlos)
  10. Uaviator53, I was hoping it would be quicker for me since I already had a background check to get my TSA card (TWIC) to get access to ports of entry. I guess we just have to be patient.
  11. I am really considering the real estate side of it. A few of my friends are real estate agents an I know they would give me the work but not sure if it would be enough to sustain a family. Most likely it would be a side job. I work offshore so I am really looking to go full time but no one is hiring without real fixed wing pilot hours
  12. Good catch. I have read this many times and just overlooked that one. This will be an issue that raises some questions and how to enforce the law. Who is going to sit at some guys farm and turn him in because he is doing this? Will farmers that are uav owners forced to take the part 107 by law? What if he is actually just a hobby pilot? If the situation arises he could always just say he is flying his uav as recreation. I'm not arguing that he is right or wrong but that it will be hard to prove that he is operating the UAV for business purposes. Hopefully the future brings more light to these issues that educates farmers which will be much better for you to do business with farmers. As for you original question, maybe sending a flyer explaining how a license is needed to operate a drone on a farm for business purposes. Incorporate this in your business flyer. This keeps you out of directly speaking to them and avoiding a confrontation and also shows your pamphlet on your business. They are 3 options they can take - Continue to operate illegally, get their own license, or hopefully give you a call to do the work. I am interested on how you are going to approach this. Please let us know how it turns out.
  13. New to the forum and UAV's. Wanted to stop by and say hello. I am an ROV pilot. It's like a uav but can operate almost 3 miles underwater. Recently got my Part 107 cert but it seems almost impossible to find a job with uav's. Hopefully we can have good networking here and help each other other with tons of info on this new UAV adventure. Best regards, Aquarion75 (Carlos)
  14. A farmer is not doing any illegal action if he pilots his own drown to monitor, survey crops, livestock, etc. They still need to comply with the rules but since they are not receiving payment for their own personal use they are writhin their legal rights to pilot a drone. They are not getting paid for doing their own monitoring of crops. Some will say they will make money hey of the crops so piloting the drone brings them payment eventually. But the fact I s there are not getting direct payment for specifically using their drone. If I am wrong, please let me know how they are operating illegally.