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  1. Hello Alan, Thanks in advance for your reply and your time! I made a couple of posts in the "Pilot Lounge" area and got some good advice from Silk Purse. I have never flown a drone or quadcopter, however, I have flown one of the nicer RC Helicopters but never completely mastered it. As far as research on what drone to buy, I took your list of beginner models and went through them with a fine tooth comb and learned a lot about what to look for as well as learning curves, ease of operation etc. I actually settled on one that was a little more expensive than the top one on your list. The reasons were the ease of use for beginners as well as having some advanced options to start learning with as well. I went with the Hubsan X4 H501S. I read a lot of reviews, watched a lot of video on this model and it pretty much got 4.5 stars for it's performance in it's price range which is about $265. It has GPS, Return To Home Feature, Follow Me Feature, a nice radio controller with a descent screen (no need to use cell phone), as well as a 1080p camera. It looks to be very easy to fly especially for beginners! We will see and I will post my experience. I have a background in real estate and construction and have been a contractor for almost 30 years since I got out of the US Navy in 1986. We currently offer environmental inspections, energy loss audits, pre-purchase real estate inspections as well as moisture & leak detection with the use of Infrared Thermal Imaging which I am certified in. Can you see where I'm going? As far as what I want to do, I would love to turn this into a business as an add-on to our existing services or maybe find other opportunities to use it for. Once I get more actual flight experience under my belt and hone my skills a little, I want to take the next step with getting certified and move forward with whatever steps necessary to take this to a professional level which will also include upgrading as I go to better equipment. Any advice or pointers you have is greatly appreciated! Again, I thank you for reaching out and I look forward to sharing experience and knowledge with this community! Blue Skies! Duane Jordan - Lewisville, NC
  2. Thanks for the reply... very good advice and much appreciated! I understand about the younger kids today being more tech savvy. I have my 12 year old niece fix my smartphone when I screw up the settings! I looked at the Phantom, very nice machine! There are a lot of different ones out there (which I'm sure you know) but I will start with an inexpensive one to get used to it. However, I see what you mean about the added features for easier flight with the more expensive ones! I am really excited about this venture and hopefully adding this to our existing real estate and inspection services! Thanks again for your reply! P.S. Where can I see your portfolio?
  3. Apologies if I am posting in the wrong area... I'm new to the forum so bare with me! I currently offer a variety of real estate services including pre-purchase and environmental inspections. We used to offer Virtual Tours back in the good ole days, but that, like easy mortgages has run itself into the ground. I have done a lot of research on how to get started in the aerial photography business and even looked at one of those goofy balloons years ago to get the aerial shots! LOL I have been putting off getting serious about the drones because quite frankly the technology is kind of intimidating but it looks like in order to stay ahead in business you have to keep up with today's tech world as well as the competition! I am hoping to get some advice from you guys on the best type of drone to start with (considering there may be a few crash & burns to start with) as well as any suggestions on applicable software for processing! There are so many models and opinions out there... I'm confused! I look forward to hearing from anyone offering advice and any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  4. Hello All! I am new to the drone community and looking forward to buying the right one, getting certified and would like to ad some type of aerial photography service to our existing real estate/property services. Any input and advice is greatly appreciated!