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  1. Hello Jeff Here, I am AMA #855205. I am also a Member of ERCA (Eugene Radio Control Aeronauts) I have been building and flying RC fixed wing aircraft for 20+ years. I have been building and flying multirotors since there inception. I have several quads one hex heavy lift. And a lot of FVP gear. I am a member of "Airbears" Search and Rescue. I am a Licensed and Bonded Master Carpenter and Maintenance Engineer. And have an Associates Degree in Electronics Tech. I believe that Most of the incidents that have happened with multi-rotors and drones would not have happened IF it was REQUIRED to be an AMA member. AND required to follow/ abide by AMA's rules, bylaws and suggestions. Although accidents happen at least they would not have been a Stupid or Ignorant Accident. What we fly is Electronic and/or Mechanical. And they will inherently fail at some time. But by following rules and not ever being complacent. And injury to someone is unlikely. As one of the rules is "Not to fly over People!" Thanks..... And May All Your Landing Be Smooth... Jeff Engel 541-513-2716