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  1. Hey there Bruno, thanks for the welcome! Interesting about the the X8 using the brushed motors. Oddly enough I just noticed (didn't watch yet) a video on youtube where someone is showing how to install brushless motors on the X8. I did already get replacement motors for my X5C-1. Fortunately the repair process doesn't look to involved. Not sure how involved yet it is to repair on the X8 and or upgrade to the brushless motors. I'd rather just upgrade to be honest when the time comes. Thanks for linking the JJRC. Thats a great looking quad and not badly priced at all. I did however pull the
  2. The X5C/X5C-1 is a great drone to start with (IMO) to learn on. I was just mentioning in another post, they are very light drones, so the slightest amount of wind affects their flight performance. I get about 6 or 7 minutes of flight time and thats without the camera attached and using either a 500mah or 680mah. The drone comes with two 500mah 1s lipos. I bought 4 1s 680's as extras. I'm also interested in an eventual purchase of the DJI, but not until I learn how to fly proficiently. If you're interested in getting into video/picture taking with a somewhat heavier drone that is less affe
  3. I have the X5C-1. I believe both models are virtually the same. Yes they are very light drones and the slightest amount of wind make them challenging to fly (which I enjoy). I was/am very satisfied with this little quad. I tried flying helis years ago and thus far it seems drones are a much friendlier barrier to entry (not easy, just easier).
  4. Hello everyone, My name is Brandon, I'm from Commerce City, CO. I'm new to the quadcopter/drone hobby however, had a brief introduction to RC Helis about 5 years ago. I've recently been flying my newly acquired Syma X5C-1 (without camera attached), and am enjoying every minute of it. These guys are trickier to fly than what one would imagine when you consider the various orientations and other variables, like height, wind, line of site etc. I've been spending a lot of time learning everything there is to know about quadcopters/drones in general. I still have my Imax b6-ac from when I