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  1. Here are a few pics of the camera.
  2. I have an XT 336 IR camera for sale. I used it on an Inspire 1. It works perfectly; total field use was < 20 hours. It is in perfect condition. I used Flir Tools to deliver roof and facade reports to clients. It is an excellent hardware / software combo. The ASTM studies do show that the only non-invasive way to check commercial roofs for penetrations is with an IR camera. This camera is perfect for that application - and others. I bought it in October 2017 from Atlanta Hobby for $6,700. I will sell it now for $4,500 - a true steal. Msg me for more info.
  3. I purchased the 7.85", super bright Crystal Skye, a nice hard, zipper case and a spare battery and never took them into the field. I also have the mounting bracket. I paid about $1,250 for the package (purchased everything on Amazon in May of this year, so about 5 months ago. $850 for the lot and I'll ship it to you in the US. Msg me for more info.
  4. Hi all - I have a Phantom 4 and I love it - of course. I just bought a used P4 to have as a backup and I am wondering how I can use one RC for either bird. Anyone know where to look? Thanks in advance for any help.
  5. Does anyone know if you can use DJI Point of Interest flying on a non-circular path? All of the videos and instructional info I've seen talks about flying around a tree. What about flying around a rectangular building, for example... a house or other building? You could still set altitude and distance from the object but would a (say, Phantom 4) fly around a rectangular structure or object? Thanks in advance for any responses.
  6. Hi All - I'm working with a DJI Phantom 4. I would really like the ability to smoothly change the camera angle from pointing straight down to either perfectly level, i.e., 90 degrees or to the most upward position, 30 degrees - and reverse. There is certainly a control button on the RC, but I sometimes find it difficult to add this motion to all the other actions I'm working on. Further, I'd like to be able to use the user-defined buttons on the bottom of the RC to accomplish this. Moving the camera in this way can provide some really interesting footage. Christian form the
  7. So initially, the arrow points north - assuming you've put the bird down that way? And then as you've said the, pointer indicates any change in the camera position. That is helpful; thanks. Do you know how to interpret the data in the circle on the left side of the app? Again, you can read a little about it in the doc DJI provides, but I'm not really able to use it
  8. Has anyone seen any good documentation on the use of the two items on the lower part of the DJI Go App Screen, i.e., the map and the radar? I've found very basic info and some of the available YouTubes touch it, but I keep thinking there might be better info there than meets the eye. Among other data, I'd like to know exactly which way the camera / bird is facing. And I'm sure there's more. Anxious for some feedback.
  9. I've been struggling with video quality shot with my Phantom 4 when viewed on my Windows PC. When using DJI GO, my videos look great.. what I expect 4k to look like, but when uploaded everything went downhill. I tried to download QuickTime for Windows, but that's a challenge - at least with Win 10 64 bit. Bottom line is this - I've been using GOM Player for ages to watch a variety of videos. It hadn't occurred to me to try it with my .MOV files but when I did I was extremely pleased. I'd be surprised if I was the only person with this set of circumstances. GOM is free and easy. It
  10. Hi All - I too am completely new to drones but am really interested in learning to fly. If I can master it, i would like to do some real estate photography. I have some real estate background so I know what buyers are looking for and therefore what photos would make the most sense plus I know many people in my area so I think I'd be in good shape. I bought an MJX 400 Drone (Amazon seemed to say it is very well liked). I have read Drones for Dummies, a number of websites and a couple of magazines. There's a great, open field near where I live so I've been going there every day for 30 m