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  1. A Beautiful hot summer day down at Watson Lake in Prescott, AZ Saturday June 18th 2016. I believe the temp was 106 that day, but with the cool air coming off the water it felt like it was in the high 80s. Great day for Kayak’s and Drone’s! The opening and closing scenes are of my wife Kayaking… Video Taken with the DJI Phantom 3 Advanced.
  2. I tried a uninstall/reinstall of the Drone Deploy version 1.4.7 when I reinstalled I got a popup message from saying: "The Drone Deploy Beta requires a special official DJI Beta Firmware for Inspire and Phantom 3. You must use firmware referenced in our forum to fly." (I could not find this in the forum, it just says download latest firmware which I have). Now I have DJI latest firmware for the Phantom 3 Advanced v1.8.80 released on 04/07/2016. So is the above DJI Beta Firmware something that I have to download in addition to the v1.4.7 for the Drone Deploy app to work properly??? DesCas
  3. Thanks... I will keep you posted as to what I find out. I'm having lots of other problems with the app too... but trying to solve this one first.
  4. I have a problem with Drone Deploy App. First, let me say that I am using the Phantom 3 Advanced drone and my mobile device is an Android phone: (Samsung Note 5). I am current with the latest firmware v1.8.80. and I have the DJI app closed. Problem: I have planned a flight on my Desktop with an altitude of 140 feet and when I sync the plan and open it with my mobile device I notice that the flight altitude is set to 268 feet and not the 140 altitude that I set on my desktop. When I go to click on the gear symbol (cog) in the lower left corner of the app to adjust altitude the gear symbol is not there, only the battery indicator? How do I access the gear symbol to make adjustments? Have you had anyone else with this problem? I did email Drone Deploy about the problem, still waiting to here back.
  5. Yes... I heard of a couple of people that were able to fix the problem doing a quick uninstall and reinstall of the DJI Go app, but for others like myself it didn't work. Which I think is strange that,that procedure will work on the exact phone someone else has, but not with another person owning the same device. But here is something I discovered that will work, or at least on my phone it did (Galaxy Note 5). For those of you still having this problem try going through the following procedure: 1. Turn controller 2. Turn on aircraft, 3. Open-up Dji Go app (even though you can’t connect) 4. Pull down your home page menu 5. Click on “Connect for charging” 6. Click on “Software Installation” 7. Then the app will open and you will be connected! This works, but the only thing is, or at least for me, I have to go through procedure every time you turn everything on. I notified tech support for DJI and they are going to look into it and try to resolve this issue. Good Luck Guy’s let me know how you make out….
  6. I recently downloaded Phantom 3 Advanced Firmware update v1.8.80 which came out April 7th 2016. I installed the firmware correctly to the both Phantom and controller! When I went to hookup to the Dji Go app to with my Android Samsung Note 5 like I always have, The Dji Go app didn’t connect to the phone. So I checked to make sure the controller was bound with the P3 and it was. I had the green light on the back side of the P3 and green light in front where the camera is. So I tried using my IOS Ipad mini 2 and it worked just fine! Since I downloaded the new firmware I can’t get my Samsung phone to connect. I talked to a friend who uses his Android tablet or his Samsung Galaxy 6 phone and he reported the same issue. It will work with his tablet but not the phone! Has anyone else had this problem and if so, have you found a fix??? DesCas
  7. If you ever come out to Red Rock Country again give me a ring...
  8. This video was filmed flying up the west side face of Bell Rock (as shown in the opening scene). Last year I filmed this magnificent monument from the north and south sides of the rock with my Phantom 2 Vision+ Drone. It seems no matter which side you choose to approach this giant bell shaped beauty, you will be left with a lasting impression. At some point I will film him from the East side between Court House Butte and Bell. I make reference to “him”, because in the New Age community and other spiritual circles Bell Rock is known to be a vortex. This rock formation possesses the masculine energies and can help those who spend a little time there in meditation tune – into and balance their masculine side of themselves. This film was shot with my Phantom 3 Advanced Drone.
  9. You may be right Plying Phantom about the difference of action track mode vs Obstacle avoidance mode, but I yet to see a video actually demonstrating the obstacle avoidance feature where the Aircraft fly’s around or above the obstacle. I haven’t seen it in any video’s yet and was wondering if anyone else has? In the action track mode I would like to see the Phantom 4 go around the obstacle and have the ability to regain site of its subject like the Yuneec Typhoon H can. I am considering purchasing a Phantom 4 myself but I’m waiting to see more of it in action… Take a moment and look at this video and scroll forward 2 minutes into the video. When I think of tacking OR obstacle avoidance, this is how I personally would like to see the Phantom 4 perform. I mean if the Yuneec company can do this, I would think that DJI being ahead of the game in Technology can do it better.
  10. Am I the only one seeing this, because I haven't heard anyone else mention it yet, or at least not that I have noticed. I have just seen another video (2nd so far) where they are demonstrating the Active Track in Action where this guy in a grass field runs around 2 flagpoles (Start/Finish). The first time around he is a little far off to the right and the Phantom 4 easily avoids it (he was far enough over to the right where the Phantom may not have hit anyway. But, the second time he runs around the flags, he take a tighter turn to the left where the Phantom 4 flies right up to the flag poles and stops dead and that is great but, isn’t the Phantom 4 supposed to go around the obstacle instead coming to a full stop? What am I missing here? What happens if you have to use return to home mode where the avoidance tech is ativated and there is a tree or a mountain in the direct path of the return to home sequence and it stops dead? If you are out 1500 to 1600 feet away I don’t think that is such a good thing. Share your thought’s guy’s because maybe I’m missing something here or maybe the Phantom 4 is not supposed to continue on around the object but just come to a stop? Take a look at this Link and at the second video down the page about half-way and share your thought's.
  11. Hello Everyone, I am really interested in purchasing the new DJI Phantom 4. I ran across this video on YouTube that I thought I should share in this forum. Here is a must see video that show's that the Active subject tracking, Vision systems, and obstacle avoidance systems didn’t work perfectly, but that’s not a deal killer! Perhaps these little issues can be worked out with future firmware updates. I guess it’s all too soon to speculate It makes me wonder if DJI released this Phantom 4 a little prematurely without fine-tuning the Drone in order to be ahead of the game on the eve of the new Yuneec Typhoon H release that is coming out sometime in March or April. Please share your thought’s guy’s and girl’s.
  12. I'm considering the Phantom 4 myself. I know the weight of the Phantom 4, but does anyone know it's demension? I want to see if it will fit my phantom 2 backpack....