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  1. Greetings,' I have a startup Drone Services business and looking for a CTO/Chief Pilot willing to grow and help the direction of my company. I am a full time Sales Engineer and also recreational Fixed Wing Pilot. I am looking for a reliable CTO that can support the opportunities that come up. I have quoted on aerial photography time progressive images for marketing large shopping center DPW projects from lighting comparison projects Power Line tree removal and more This is part time currently and based on growth there are outside investors interested. I have web developers open to help develop my website (www.adronevision.com). Contact Mike.Conn@adronevision.com
  2. Greetings, My name is Mike and I am starting a new Drone Services Business (www.adronevision.com). I am looking for pilots who would be available for projects we have coming up through out the US (right now). Please forward any information to Mike.Conn@adronevision.com to be reviewed by my CTO. I am looking forward to meeting and speaking with many of you to help grow the Drone Business overall and keep pushing the technology.