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  1. Hoe-lee-crap.... That is almost exactly what I was envisioning except there needs to be a way to trigger the flow for the drone with maybe a secondary wireless device that is controlled via Arduino or Raspberry Pi. My other thought: -is there is such a thing as a drone that comes with an accessory attachment that offers something like "tilt control" for a camera mount or platform that could be modified for this?
  2. Great question. For moss, it's a pick one situation. I think I mentioned before that there are pros and cons to each. the powder is more cost effective and sticks really well to the shingle material but is more susceptible to being blown around until itakes contact. The grannuals will roll down a steep pitch but are easier to apply with out being blown off course when dispensing. There is another type of roof treatment for the black discoloration from algae that is liquid only but typically, this can be applied with a garden hose adapter and ladder from a safe distance away from the roof top
  3. That's awesome.... I'm in the Bellingham area, more specifically Lynden. Let me know if you'd like to try and meet up sometime to brainstorm.
  4. Yes this something I hadn't thought of either until now! Having no actual flight time with or around a UAV I dont exactly know how much air we're talking about moving under the rotors of a muti-prop drone. I can tell you that the granular formula of the treament is designed to be just heavy enough to resist wind from blowing it off the roof peak. The powdered Zinc is much more prone to getting blown around during the initial application but once it hits the roof, it sticks really well.
  5. Great question... not a hazmat regulated procedure. the liquid application is biodegradeable and the zinc powder is in the same catagory
  6. Thank you for the reply! As far as the current specs all of our applications it is 100% manual. We send a technician Up on the Roof via an extension ladder as long as pitch is easy enough for them to get to the Ridgeline they climb on up there with a can of zinc granules or a bag of powdered zinc and apply it to the manually. We also have a application in a liquid form we generally will mix this in a backpack pump up sprayer to apply but again manually from the roof Top surface. Very excited about exploring this possibility. There are quite a few costumers who would be willing to pay a premium for the service since no one else has figured out a better, safer, faster way and many contractors are turning down Steep roofs all together.
  7. Hey everybody. I have an idea that I'm just trying to get some feedback on and consult the experts here on UAV applications. Im in the cleaning and restoration business and a common challenge we face all the time is applying powdered zinc to the ridge lines on roofs for moss control. Most of the time, its not a big deal to get a guy up on the roof with a ladder and get it done but there is a significant number of houses were the pitch/steepness of the roof makes it a huge safety hazard to send our guys up to apply it manually. My question to you all is whether it would be possible to accomplish this with a drone. Beyond that, does anyone know of a container that could hold a payload of zinc powder and be triggered to be opened remotely for distribution once the drone is over the ridge line of the roof? Thanks in advance for your input.
  8. Hi everybody. My name is J and I'm hoping to see if I can get some help from the experts here on an idea I have for applying UAV delivery methods in my cleaning and restoration business here in Washington State, North of Seattle. I hope to run into some of you deeper on the board to get some insight into how I can utilize a UAV to supply chemical delivery on steep roof tops for moss control. Thanks in advance!