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  1. I am selling my Drone Pilot Directory & Trades website. I am attaching full details if you are interested. Drone Trades For Sale.pdf
  2. After admin permission: I want to encourage all of you (Drone Pilots, Drone Business, Drone Pros….) to create a Free profile on Drone Trades. Benefits: A place where you can showcase your work and services (Kind of free website) Get new customers/leads and drone jobs. Buy/sell new and used drones and drone parts. Blog and Forum to stay connected with drone news. Add your business today for free. (Please use Chrome Browser) https://www.dronetrades.com/choose-account
  3. Hello UAV Coach Drone Community, I would like to introduce my website Drone Trades. This website is basically a Drone Pilots Directory, anyone can create a FREE personal or business profile. You can basically add your personal information, Photo and Video Albums so you can showcase your work. We get drone related jobs every month, create an account and start getting leads.