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  1. From page 349 and 350 of Part 107 " The FAA also declines to impose additional NOTAM requirements on small UAS operations. The NOTAM system is used to alert pilots of conditions or situations in the NAS that could present a hazard to aircraft. Historically, the FAA has used a NOTAM 121 DOD Policy Board on Federal Aviation comment at 5. 122 FAA Order 7400.2. 350 requirement in the COAs it issued for UAS operations. This was appropriate because small UAS operations were outside the regulatory structure that was then in place, and, while not inherently hazardous, small UAS flights required exemption or waiver from a number of FAA regulations. Because these operations deviated from existing FAA regulations, a NOTAM was an acceptable means to notify pilots of the activity. However, with part 107, the FAA is bringing a subset of UAS operations within the FAA regulatory structure. Civil, public, and military pilots are expected to be familiar with regulations affecting their flight, including the possibility of encountering UAS activity below 400 feet. Therefore, requiring a NOTAM would not be appropriate."
  2. This a huge step forward in allowing innovation in the commercial UAS industry. I get nervous every time these studies are released, like the "close call" research. It seems as though the FAA is finally understanding the pressure to allow innovation and integration here in the US. I even think that they could have been a little more strict, and still been very fair.
  3. After this thread was started, I emailed the FAA UAS integration office regarding the proposed June timeline. My premise was that if you dont have your exemption yet, that filing for an exemption that takes 4 months to receive seems silly if all the existing barriers for operating commercially will change. The office also confirmed the June timeline but offered no comment on the amount of time to get your exemption. Here is the link to the proposed rule changes that will take effect in "June" The biggest changes are the Pilot's license requirement and the 333 Exemption, and being able to operate solely instead of with a spotter. There will also be some sort of aeronautical knowledge test to get your UAS Pilot license.