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  1. Is there a recognized/approved method for logging practice or non-commercial hours prior to stepping into the commercial arena?
  2. Is there any merit to logging one's recreational or practice time before becoming certified?
  3. DJI published article on the new Zenmuse Z30 lense in celltower applications... http://www.dji.com/enterprise/news/detail/enhanced-cell-tower-inspection-with-the-zenmuse-z30?lang=default
  4. Recent article published by DJI that may be of interest... http://www.dji.com/enterprise/news/detail/enhanced-cell-tower-inspection-with-the-zenmuse-z30?lang=default
  5. @PJKirkpatrick Sample Tier 1 carrier docs are attached for your review. For obvious reasons, I removed their name. Hopefully, this helps you and any others investigating options to provide any type of drone related services in the wireless segment... DRAFT [GENERIC] Unmanned Aircraft Systems Policy 092616.pdf Drone_ amend to the FSA 6 3 16 (002).pdf
  6. I too am interested in drone deployment opportunities etc in the wireless segment. While I continue to research costs for services, agreement details, etc, I wanted to share this recent piece regarding Verizon Wireless and hurricane Matthew and solutions they discovered. Enjoy. http://wirelessestimator.com/articles/2016/drones-helped-verizons-network-to-stay-afloat-following-matthew/