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  1. Hi Dean, if you picked the DJI Mavic you did good, all DJI Drones are well engineered flying platforms, I consider them as the "Apple Macs" of the available drones in the market, the Mavic will not be my first choice though he has its honourable place in the small sized Drone market, my advice to you, find a place with little wind at first, may be an empty Socker field, fly the drone 6 feet in the air and get yourself accustomed with the controls, don't try to fly far at your first flight(not even on your second!!), this is what will get you to crash/lose/damage it, get comfortable with controlling it facing you and away from you, and once you are comfortable, get a little bit further away as you learn to trust the equipment and yourself more and more. One thing I have learned from flying real planes :- "if in doubt then there is no doubt" if you have any doubts that you will be able to take of and land the drone safely without cuasing damage to yourself and any 3rd party property or personal harm, then do not take off, high winds, extreme conditions like taking off in dense and highly populated areas, doing "stunts" that you are not suppose to do like flying the UAV near airports or General Aviation Altitudes, will land you and potentially the public in extreme trouble, just be aware. Happy flying Dean
  2. Hello to all Forum members, A Short intro from a new member, My name is Michael, flying a DJI phantom 3 pro and DJI phantom 4 over 25 years of RC experience, both F3A and F3B RC Gliders , Motor and electric. I have Military Aviation background, and currently hold a Canadian PPL license as well, Lives in Toronto Canada and happy to be a member of this forum.