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  1. Hi All New to the forum, I have been interested in the role of UAV within Technology for a long tome, especially for the potential to provide messed communications networks for disaster areas, at the moment I was thinking of the current earth quake in Italy. However it seems communications is still a way off (please correct me if I'm wrong) .. but the use of UAV for surveying within construction and Mining is a very health market, one question I have particularly on Mapping software. Is there a current mapping software that would recognize Japanese knot-weed. The interesting fact in the UK most construction companies have to take soil samples to ensure it is not present, if they find it is present then its a large cost to excavate approx 3 ft of the upper layer of soil and replace the soil before building can commence. If we are looking at specific areas for digital mapping with the construction sector this could be a good a real potential. Regards Buzz