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  1. DJI advised me that price increases are now in effect 11am GMT May 14, 2019 due to Tariffs. So if you are reading this yep, it's happened. Now some US resellers have not yet increased prices. I checked B&H and they have the Smart Controller still for $649 (preorder) while DJI is $749. If you are going to buy DJI now would be the time to search and get the best prices.
  2. Anyone know who has the NDs & ND PLs in stock?
  3. Thanks for that - a lot of useful information - much more than I got from DJI that's for sure. One thing I noticed getting the drone back was the IMU calibration is different now. You actually tilt the drone on each side then upside down when prompted. Maybe that will help with the gimbal roll/horizon issue I'm always had with P4s.
  4. The controller is beeping. I'm flying on the side of my house in an area that I've always flown for test flights. I wondering if DJI didn't upgrade the sensor object distance on the front or something while they had it. I'll check the radar after recharging.
  5. so now I have segued to another issue - the drone beeps when I'm flying below 20 feet. Anyone had this problem before?
  6. Try Edius if you're tried of render times with those other editors. I've used it for years - very nice pro editing software.
  7. DJI Customer Service is in the Philippines, so when you call you get someone over there-every time. My impression based on my conversations with them is they are disorganized, don't know the product line like they should, and frankly don't even fly them. The repair facility for the US is in California -at least that's where I sent mine and I'm in FL. They are quick to tell you an across the board software update will fix the issue. I avoid software updates if I have a system running fine. I don't need to download a huge database of locked out airspace that I can fly in just fine with my pa
  8. Thanks everyone - I took it out of the box (was going to send it back to DJI) and just tried a thick rubber band with no hand pressure. That did the trick.
  9. I had to send my P4 in for repair. I got it back but can't unscrew the lens cover. I've tried elbow grease, rubber band, and lid removal plastic gizmo - won't budge . Anybody have any ideas? I've called DJI Tech Service (Philippines) 4 times but they are clueless. It wasn't this difficult when I got it new but it's jammed on there good now. Thank you DJI repair.
  10. I was at ground zero Rockport Texas for Hurricane Harvey. The eye came over me at about 10pm that night. The next morning I wanted to fly but it was still raining. It was a real mess there when the sun came up. Later in the day I saw a Coast Guard helicopter but that was it then I drove out. We knew Houston and other areas were going to flood because of the computer forecast models had an astonishing 50 inches of rain for that area. I measured a pressure of 940.9mb in the eye which lasted 45 min. We had one photog photograph the stars in the eye, with the eyewall clouds lit by lightning
  11. My issue is DJI is locking up uncontrolled airspace or beyond 5 miles from an class C airport . They don't follow the FAA Sectional Chart. It's overkill. I shouldn't have to go on line and unlock airspace I can clearly fly in. It's ridiculous.
  12. Thanks Marcel, some good feedback there. Think I will pick up an Osmo - just need to decide between the stock cam or the X5. I'm guessing the stock cam you have to use ND filters to get it to shoot at 1/60 in manual mode. I have those so no worries there. Thanks!
  13. I've filmed outside of homes with a phantom 4 but the thought of using one inside and crashing scares me. However, my real estate clients are pushing for it. What are the pros using to film inside? DSLR with a GlideCam? Thanks!