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  1. 2.4 being such a congested frequency I was wanting to avoid any interference
  2. Didn't even think of turning off RTK before takeoff. Not sure if it will give an error for not being on in the first place but I could try. Thanks For some of the work I do around structures in populated areas I'm a little reluctant to switch to 2.4 over 5.8
  3. I was piloting a job this past weekend on a building about 160’ or so tall. I attempted to takeoff about 30’ or so away from the building but the DJI Go App said “Cannot Take Off” and one of the warnings was a weak RTK signal. Tried various things to no avail. I then moved the craft another 10’ or so away from the building and got the green light from the Go App. Once up in the air I could get close to the structure with the Go App showing 12-15 satellites. No errors My question is, how do I take off when I’m around structures like that? I’m not always going to have the luxury of moving the craft further away from the structure. Do you start in ATTI mode then switch to GPS once in the air? Does anyone have suggestions?