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  1. Hi Alan, A background to this question comes from a person who talked to the Meriden Airport manager, and the manager's response to him was that he would not approve any drone flights within 5 miles of his airport--and he did not specify hobbyist versus commercial. I said to the R-PIC, I don't think he can do that legally if we are Part 107, because his airport is non-towered and sfc to 699' AGL is Class G. Greg
  2. Yes, I do have the 107 and will be operating commercially. Thanks for the input!
  3. Thanks Ed--it is KMMK in CT. Meriden Markham Airport. It is mid-state CT due north of the City of New Haven
  4. I am getting a little confused with the regulations, the class info, and things I see on my apps like B4UFLY & AIRMAP. In class it was said that if we were in class G airspace, and within 5 miles of a non-towered airport, we could fly no problems. In my area, there is an airport that is Class E 700' to 1200' AGL, and is non-towered (i.e. Class G to 699'). I was told the Airport Manager will not approve sUAS flight within 5 miles of the airport, and I have a few potential gigs in that 5 mile area. I understand Class E sfc, but in this case, does the Class G mean nothing when it within that 5 SM ring below Class E? And, does this mean I would have to file for a waiver in Class E Airspace ? Help on this would be appreciated.
  5. Hi, I'm Greg, and I just got involved with UAVs in the past year, but plan on starting a drone photogrammetry, 3D Mapping/Modeling, and Aerial Photo/Video Business. This will be a second "career" for me, as I am retiring from my job as a Captain of a Rescue in an urban environment. As an added bonus, I want to offer my 32 years of expertise back to my community & State in the form of voluntary services with my UAV--which money permitting--I can soon upgrade with a nice FLIR. Nice to meet you all, Greg