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  1. Test flight with Holybro Kopis 1 powered by Tattu 1800mah 4s 75c lipo battery Tattu 4s 1800mAh 75C Li-Po battery review: This battery comes well packed with charging plug protector and safety instruction. At first look it seems very well made with good quality terminals. Battery pack measures around 90 x 33 x 30 mm (L, W, H). Due to the the aluminium envelope, the Tattu 1800 mAh weights a bit more than other 4s Li-Po batteries with same capacity. After a bit of research I found out that this producing technique provides not just better heat dissipation a
  2. Thanks for your reply, I mainly talk about how to build a fast drone so I didn't mention the radio, thanks for your advice on radio. And ask you a question about lipo: you said you use Tattu lipo because tattu is not too far from you? are there any other reasons?
  3. Here, I share my experience about how to diy a fast drone. In the past, I used QAV 250 frame equip with 1806 motors and 3S Lipo battery can fly very fast; and now I use 2205/2305 motor, come with small and light frame, DALRC6045 propeller, the speed get 185km/h. It is very important to choos your drone parts, these are my experience of how to choose drone parts? Motor: I have used many different motors, and these are some of I used. 2205 motors: equip with dalrc5045 3 propeller, their thrust is about 1200g(motor’s weight is about 30g, 4 motor is 120g) 2206 motors: I
  4. There are some beautiful photos are shoot by DJI Phantom 4 Pro, .
  5. This is an interesting motor as a first entry as it bucks a few of the current trends in the dominant motors on the market. Review: The stator size is right in the middle at 2305, a bit smaller than the popular large motors, and a bit larger than the popular small motors. The weight is right in the middle as well, coming in at just under 30g. This seems to be a motor of the middle ground on just about every front, with a fairly large air gap, square magnets, and multi-strand windings. The shaft is retained with a c-clip, but it does retain the stronger single-piec
  6. I have waited a long time to buy this Xiaomi mi drone 4K camera drone, and now I finally get it. When I got my Xiaomi drone, I’m very excited and can’t wait to open it. Look, this is Xiaomi mi drone overview, it looks very beautiful; This is the Xiao mi mi drone 4K camera, it is said its camera is the most expensive and important, I should be carefully with it, the 4K camera. Remote Control: These are the simple introduce about Xiaomi mi drone 4K, and next I decided to fly it. Here are some Xiaomi mi drone flying photos: This flight fee
  7. You'd better try your best to convince her, this is a cool sports.
  8. Larger UAVs is very nice, too. You can take many beautiful photos and videos, and get longer flight time, it is really very good!
  9. Just another fun day will DallasFPV! So Brian dared us all to fly the dried up creek and hit the bridge up and of course we did! Always a blast flying with these guys! And this is my test for Tattu 2305 2450kv motor and Tattu 1300mAh 4S 75C lipo battery.If any of you live in the Dallas and want to fly, just hit us up! MigViceQuads Drakko FTattu 2305 2450kv motorSpedix IS30A MultishotRaceflight Revolt RC18MatekHUBOSDSE-8 Runcam Mini 2.1 lensHQ 5x4.3x3 v1STBS Unify Pro Race 200mwTBS Triumph XSR Fatshark Dominator V3VAS Mad Mushroom TBS PatchTaranis X9D PlusHall GimbalsThunder Power Adrenali
  10. There is a new Agriculture drone lipo battery: Tattu Plus2.0 18000mAh 6S1P 22.2V 15C Smart Lipo Battery with AS150+XT150 plug; Specifications: Minimum Capacity: 18000mAh Configuration: 6S1P / 22.2V / 6Cell Discharge Rate: 15C Max Burst discharge Rate: 30C Net Weight(±20g): 2270g Dimensions: 205.5mm Length x 94.2mm Width x 79.5mm Height Discharge Plug: AS150+XT150 plug Charge Plug: XT90 If your drone fit in this size, you can consider check it out. Links: http://www.genstattu.com/ta-plus2-0-15c-18000-6s1p.html Photos:
  11. Ther is a quadcopter frame, lipo battery, motor and propeller size matching table. You can choose 3300mAh 4S Lipo battery for you F450. But this just a reference material, you can read this post to know more : http://rcfpvplane.com/quadcopter-frame-sizes-guide/
  12. Tattu and SP FPV Team spent 3 days in Kuitun river canyon, Xinjiang Province, China to make this video. FPV powered by great Tattu power flew over the great Kuitun river canyon. Such an amazing flight in beautiful scenery. Video was shot by Tattu and Super Pluse Team with DJI Inspire.
  13. What quadcopter do you want to build? What's the size of your quadcopter frame? 250? 210? 180? Recommend you to read these post: Rotorx Atom V3 Build Mini Racing Quadcopter Build, Build A Quadcopter Frame TEACH YOU HOW TO DIY A QUADCOPTER
  14. Hello all,I've just finished my Quad F450 build and as I tried to power it on for the first time my ESC's keep beeping and the FCU doesn't power on. It this happening cause of a faulty/wrong connection I did or do I have an issue with something from my components? My build consists of :1. Frame F4502. Flight Controller Unit KK2.1.53. Motors x44. ESC's x45. UBEC6. Battery7. Tx/RxThanks in advance for any help and info you can provide.