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  1. @Kirk I agree completely. I don't see why TCAS and ADSb can't be integrated with drones to keep them clear of manned aircraft. In fact, I know that it can be used, and it will, it's just a matter of time until the technology is incorporated. A few bad accidents or close calls and I'm sure the Feds will require such a solution to be legal to fly uav's. I fly an ERJ175 and the TCAS RA's have saved my butt from sleepy controllers on more than one occasion. Semi-regularly i hear reports on the radios of drones on final while flying in and out of part 121 airports. I have yet to experience that myself but I am sure it is just a matter of time as well. Lot's of yahoo's out there who really don't understand the gravity and consequence related to manned aviation. Flying in close proximity to manned aircraft is seriously dangerous, and it's happening all over.
  2. ADS-B technology can likely be integrated into sUAVs. At the very least if the Uav had a reciever than it could stay a a predetermined distance from manned aircraft with ADSb transponders. The FAA has created a mandate that is in effect for all manned aircraft to soon be equipped with ADSb transponders as part of the nexgen atc infrastructure. is his what your technology is based on?
  3. As the title says, I am a New York based commercial airline pilot. I am new to drones but not new to aviation or cinematography. I have a background in film, graduating with a BFA from School of Visual Arts. I am starting an aerial media company to take advantage of this burgeoning new industry. My initial focus will likely be on the industries I am most familiar with, real estate and tv/film but this will likely change and expand as I get my business up and running. I would love to meet and network with other NYC area UAV businesses and operators. Cheers! Chad