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  1. Wonderful! Thank you Alan. I'll do some tests. This will be a difficult feat within line of sight for sure. The amount of starts and stops will be tremendous. I'll try and let you know how it turns out.
  2. I have a small town administrator that has asked if I could map the boundary of the town for him. I have done a small map of a neighborhood in drone deploy, but have not been able to figure out how to effectively map a linear boundary. Anyone here have any experience with this type of mapping or the best way to get it done? I thought about creating a skinny flight area along the border of the town, but with all of the twists and turns of the border I don't see that being an easy feat. A waypoint mission may work, but I don't know of any compatible mapping program that does mapping from
  3. Make sure you guys apply for the FAA public service certificate of authorization if this a public entity. Also it's not a bad idea for any pilots to get an FAA Part 107certificate. The guys at Skyfire Consulting can help out with any questions! They have given me some great places. Also you can contact the FAA. Our local guy over UAS operations with the FAA was very helpful. Good luck! And let us know how it goes.
  4. A simple Mavic question for you guys. Does the gimbal on the Mavic (and P4 pro) rotate side to side or does it just tilt up and down and rely on the drone to do the side to side movement?
  5. Are there specific camera requirements to create NDVI maps for growers? Is it something that could be done with a Mavic or Phantom using Drone Deploy?
  6. Nick, two places you can give a call to are Rocky Mountain Unmanned Systems https://www.rmus.com/ and Skyfire Consulting http://www.skyfireconsulting.com/ I am in the public service sector and currently searching for funding options for an emergency response drone system with FLIR capabilities. Both companies were extremely great to speak with. They have a lot of good suggestions and can help your department come up with something specific to your needs. I would think a drone is not a full replacement for a chopper. It is a short term replacement. Even with
  7. Whats going on Smoke! I live in Middle TN as well and am on the same venture as you. Let me know what kind of luck you have and any successes you come across! Just got my 107 a few weeks ago.
  8. Is anyone here familiar with using the DJI Mavicfor mapping? I am purchasing the Mavic and thought about offering mapping to the local quarries in the area. I wasn't sure if the Mavic was high enough quality to use with Drone Deploy. Thoughts?
  9. Thank you Alan! A Go Fund Me page has definitely been on the list. We just haven't explored it yet due to trying to find a single funding source through a grant. Luckily the State Parks have non-profits that support park efforts so utilizing them to hold a Go Fund Me campaign is beneficial. I appreciate the help!
  10. I've thought about getting the DJI Osmo to do indoor shots. The risk of crashing a drone in a house and damaging a wall, floor, or furniture is very real, especially on a house that is not mine and that is for sale.
  11. As a Park Ranger, I have had a lot of experience working with birds of prey. They are territorial birds for shure, but not as vicious as you would think. The larger birds like bald eagles are most likely the only ones you would have to worry about. I see large red tailed hawks get chased and hassled by blue jays and crows all the time and they don't really ever fight back. I've not heard of a vulture attacking a drone. Their eyesight is not as keen as the hawk family of birds and I don't see them attacking something in the air. All of that goes to say though that animals like birds of p
  12. I am making an attempt to find funding for an emergency response drone system with FLIR capabilities for a state park department. Does anyone out there know of any options for such a thing?