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  1. Hello all, I'm a bit new to this forum and more specifically, the Yuneec forum. I've been flying off and on for a year or two (my son's Blade nano) and then my Blade 350qx3. Now I've sold that last week and my Q500 will be here today (couldn't pass up Horizon Hobby's sale). I'm pretty excited to see this thing in person and get it up and flying. Everyone's experiences above in this forum have given me the realization that I made the right choice in this quad. I don't plan on using it for professional reasons, just recreation and the "Follow Me" feature should prove to be an asset as
  2. Sold the 350 QX3 last week, New Yuneec Q500 should be here today!
  3. Newbie here, Aaron M. from Oregon. Haven't been flying long, still getting the hang of it when it's not raining. Bought my son a Blade 180QX and loved it, so I bought the Blade 350 QX3 with GB200 Gimbal and having a blast with it.