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  1. I got a Phantom 3 Standard for $150 off a neighborhood-site listing, and also bought a professional hardcase and am going to be ordering an additional battery soon-- quite a steal! I intend on purchasing a propeller guard, a matte-black sticker skin for the entire outside of the drone, and an iPad Mini 2 instead of my Samsung.
  2. I think a listings area for people buying and selling UAV's and all related accessories would be cool. Some possible related features; A $5-10 per year charge to retain an authorized seller status, allowing you to post 'selling' listings, which helps prevent scamming and false listings, as well as contributes to the site upkeep cost. Official rules, regulations, and formats for the section to maintain quality (I'd be glad to help draft this, as I've got previous experience with forum listings and rules that work and are necessary) A possible sub-forum could include a b
  3. I'd say out of the models you listed, the best would be the Phantom 4 Pro. The camera and hardware in that drone is at-par with commercial needs, and should do you well for a while. Just keep in mind that, in addition to just the drone, you'll need to buy another 2-3 batteries so you can get close to an hour of potential flight time, video editing software, and also some form of still photo equipment is usually needed as many times aerial photographers can have much more appeal if they can do still shots as well. Your best bet is to make sure you get several hours of f
  4. Sup guys, my name is Patrick, I'm currently a high-school student in the state of Indiana. I found this forum from talking to a good friend of mine who plays airsoft-- he lurked on here for a month or so and eventually bought a Phantom 3 to use to record skirmishes and such for his airsoft team. UAV's interest me greatly, even before my friend showed me that there are active and present forums online that discuss the construction and application of drones, which I never knew existed or were as popular as UAVCOACH. I'd assumed that most websites focused around UAVs would be lacklust