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  1. I hope it's OK to co-opt this thread, as mine and the OP's questions are very much related, I think...

    You could find in the Intro section @SomersetUAV asks for advice about starting with a "Phantom 3 or 4", or perhaps a "DJI Inspire Pro with the X5", and I put those in quotes to highlight my ignorance.

    If you looked, you'd see @Bruno respond with a recommendation to choose a "non redundant drone" (a hexacopter or an octocopter) and not a quadcopter.

    I think I get the point he was making, that we'd do well to learn to fly under difficult conditions... much the same point my father made as he demanded my sister and I learn to drive stick shift from the jump and enjoy automatic shifting cars later.

    BUT I do wonder if others might have a different opinion? I guess my reservation is about spending time and money learning to use technology inferior to the "Phantom 3 or 4" level, just to feel better about launching, controlling, landing.




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  2. Greetings from beautiful Beaverton, Oregon... a suburb of Portland.

    I saw the news about Part 107 and thought, this is the big game-changer I've been waiting for (gulp). Desktop publishing? Building PC's? Selling sub-prime mortgages? I'm an IT guy and have seen a few opportunities to get in early, and never committed, and looked back with some regret (maybe not that last one). This will not be that.

    My goal is to go from zero to revenue dollar $1 before the end of the year and in 2017 make enough profit to cover the cost of training and equipment, put that second $1 in the frame on the wall. I trust this is achievable, and am ready to dedicate hours and cash and see how high I can fly (is that a cliche yet?). I'm going to click the Submit button and go pull the trigger, tonight I'm enrolling in Drone Pilot Ground School.

    Let's do this!