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  1. Thanks for that @RemotelyPossible I didn't know that short cut. Chat again sometime I hope T
  2. Hello RP....That is one long screen name. Thanks for your contribution. I am now happy that I can get exactly what I want from the Bebop 2 drone, Ipega 9023 and an attached Android tablet. The whole system works well. The "Flight Plan App" has also given me superb smooth flight, video Image capture results and I am just soooo pleased I did not spend more money upgrading as recommended above. I have compared video taken from a Phantom 3 which Is not significantly different to the Bebop images taken same time, same day, same location. I do concede that the Bebop lacks power but this is not the basis of the differing opinion in this thread. I also concede that there are better sports cams than the one on the Bebop but the software gimbal is an absolute technical breakthrough and doesn't go wrong!
  3. As another fairly cost effective way of Controlling a Bebop as an alternative to the Parrot Skycontroller have a look at this: I thought I would just let everyone know that I had an old NOOK (BN Nook HD 7.1" touch color screen) eBook Tablet that I didn't use. I have purchased and used CyanogenMod Statistics available from eBay to load Android version 4.3.1 on to the Nook as a new/alternative operating system. This making my Nook into a pretty good HD Android tablet with WiFi and Bluetooth that is not locked to NOOK. I then paired an Ipega PG9023 telescopic controller to the converted Nook. The Nook sits in the telescopic clamp of the Ipega and is really made for the task. Well balanced and ergonomic. Cost: Nook secondhand from eBay £60 CyanogenMod Android conversion £11 software (delivery by downloading the conversion pack) (plus an optional 32GB SD card to store the original Nook OS on in case I want to revert. The sd card was about £11 (you could just store this on your PC or Mac) Ipega PG 9023 telescopic controller £20 from Amazon. Method: I have connected the Ipega controller via bluetooth to the converted Nook using the "Home" and "X" key combination on the Controller. It works exstreamly well and the controller gives first rate sensitivity in flight. Other buttons launch and land, start/stop Video and take still shots. The touch screen controls still work but the virtual joy sticks are not visible which I find a bonus. There was no repatching of the controller buttons required. I thought this is a cost effective way to get control away from the virtual sticks without committing your existing phone or tablet to the task. You also end up with a pretty good tablet that you can either totally commit to the Bebop or use as a tablet as well. I am just using for my Bebop This is a total cost of around £80 - £100 and it gives you a good HD tablet as well as a great controller for the Bebop. In looks it is not dissimilar to the Skycontroller but a bit lighter and smaller and of course does not extend the range of the Bebop
  4. I am nearly where I want to get with the Ipega 9023 controller. I am only after three separate 6 second shots and I am confident I'll get what I need as long as I take my shots through the centre of the lens and not through the edge of the fish eye as near edge shots do seem to produce poorer results. This is down to lens quality though not anything to do with the software gimbal.
  5. Of course Keith, you are entitled to your own opinion but I like to base advice I give on personal experiences which I do have in the case of the Bebop. The software gimbal does work exceedingly well if you set your Bebop up properly in the first place. I did start out however accepting this is an entry level device. I guess we have to agree to differ on this.
  6. Hi, NoI have not got a Sky Controller but I have paired an Ipega 9023 with my Android tablet,which works well. If you are not familiar with the Ipega 9023, it has the facility to accommodate up to a 10.1" tablet in a telescopic clamping arrangement between the handles. That gives me the option of using the joysticks and other controls on the Ipega and/or the tablet screen. I have found the Ipega quite responsive but of course this does not give theextended range. Not that I need that just now. I have to say, I would not spend that kind of money on the Bebop controller. I would buy a higher qulity drone I think. I am new to drones so have stacks to learn. I have been more or less forced to go the drone route due to a film I am making. I am happy with the results I m getting at present. Thanks for your response.
  7. Keith, I'd be interested to know if your view is based having owned a Bebop 3 and flown it or whether you are just quoting what you have read / heard else where. Thankfully, what you say is not my personal experience. I don't pretend the Bebop is anything other than an entry level device, possible a toy as you say but the electronic 3 axis stabilization of the camera has proven itself to excellent to me and the colour balance hasn't presented a problem. Of course, Ionly speak from actual personal experience.
  8. I just very recently purchased a DJI Phantom 3 Pro and am having fun with it. So far I am impressed with the capabilities of the machine. My question at this point though is what is the best soft wear to convert the raw video to something usable on iPad or iPhone. Would it make more sense to just record in a  lower resolution to begin with? I think I'm OK with the photo options but pretty green when it comes to video. Any help for a beginner did welcome. 

    1. Trevorm


      Hi Bill,

      I am very sorry I have missed your post on my profile, I am embarrassed to say the least.

      I will comment even if to late.

      Generally it is worth taking any video material at a higher quality or resolution than you think you will initially require as there is always a chance that someone may ask you to reproduce it for a larger format for which you will need higher resolution. That said, even if no one asks for a larger format, it is easier on the eyes to edit in higher resolution.

      Most amateur edit platforms offer a higher range of output as well the lower ones, right up to Full HD through to 4K.

      I use Magix Video Pro X which is from the German company Magix, which does have RAW capability ( Video Pro X is, in my view an entry lelvel Pro edit suite. However,  Magix also do an  Amateur/Prosumer  version which is exceptional ( . Not sure if  the second option above handles RAW but if you shoot at HD You will be able to get everything you want from Movie Edit Pro. Both packages have excellent manuals and loads of video examples to get you up and running.

      Let me know how you get on or if you need more help.

      Again, so sorry I missed your question when you posted it.

      Kind regards,


  9. I would recommend to you visit Andyax on YouTube. This guy is a master at getting the cinematic look from video. Andy is a cameraman / director in the pro world and his channel is packed video demos and very, very helpful technical answers. Another tip is adopt a wide screen at edit stage having taking the right precautions with your GoPro when getting you initial footage so your framing of the subject is right when changing the screen format at edit stage - that goes a long way to getting the right effect.
  10. Well, here is my opening post. 1) The whole subject of Drones interests me and the reason for signing up to UAV Coach Web site is that I have just purchased low cost, entry level prosumer camera Drone, the Parrot Bebop 3. I have downloaded the manual and read it several times but before launching a flight of any potential consequence, I am researching useful resources before doing what I purchased the drone to do. In addition I am of course wanting to avoid seriously crashing my Drone or getting arrested for buzzing the local Ministry of Defense site. 2) I am an amateur/semi professional videographer and about to film a natural history programme I have been planning for 6 months. The programme is setting a Winter poem to the small screen with words of the poem and music as the sound track and relevant stunning moving images as the visual contribution. The programme involves significant video of rural and farmhouse scenes, together with some less rural locations. I have written the script around the poem and am currently researching locations and planning the various styles of shots to both tell the story well and create an appropriate visual impact for each scene to do justice to the poem (and the audience). I have decided that one or two of the shots would be beneficially taken from an elevated vantage point of which there are none in the currently chosen ideal location(s). I therefore have the choice of hiring a tower or a very large camera crane or even a helicopter, none of which can I afford. I am therefore left with the limited choice of deleting the scenes or using a drone camera. I also want to film another scene moving about 1 metre above ground level along a ploughed furrow at about 3 metres /sec and without about 30 metres of level camera dolly track and the camera dolly of course, the shot is going to be quite bumpy to say the least not to mention visually unattractive. I am videoing in Full HD and based on shots I have seen taken by others using the Bebop Drone from elevated locations, I feel I may get the results I looking for from this entry level pro-user toy. You can no doubt appreciate that trying a camera drone for the aforementioned shots is a potentially sensible proposition but I will need to be a reasonably decent pilot even if the Bebop's camera stability is legendary. I found your Web site whilst browsing for assistance /guidance and was interested to note you offered advice for flying a Quadcopter and you have a forum with some pretty impressive contributors. I feel, that if successful, I will have a pretty interesting contribution to make to your site as well. There you go, that's my story and however ambitious it may sound, I am going to do it somehow. I wish you ongoing success with your Web site.