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  1. @Christian Tucci@RG@Alan Perlman Here is the final cut of my video. I added some transitions and adjusted the saturation and color in most of my shots. I also adjusted the horizon in my opening shot because that was the only time it was noticeable to me. Thanks again for all your help and feedback gentlemen. It is sincerely appreciated and I am looking forward to completing many more projects. Don't want to put the cart before the horse but I may have a few golf courses who are showing interest in having videos made. I would love to have that opportunity so send some good vibes my way! Happy flying gents!
  2. @Christian Tucci I am having a little trouble finding anything that can show me how to adjust the horizon properly. I believe I am on the right track going in the video effects icon, but from there what settings would I need to change to readjust the horizon? I think I have to do something with the rotation.
  3. @Christian Tucci Thank you for the feedback! I will get to work. @RG Thank you for your feedback and ideas with the additions I can make to have a more eye catching video. I was flying a phantom 4 and yes I used POI both times I fly around the lighthouse.
  4. Its actually a little bit of both. I want to showcase the footage but would like for it to serve as a temporary demo reel while I am still gathering other footage to comprise a more professional demo reel. I am open to any feedback you can give me Christian. Hope this helps.
  5. @Christian Tucci@Alan Perlman Hey guys! Finally got around to getting this video uploaded. Please let me know what you think and how I can make it better. One thing I noticed was that I will probably cut on the part where I have a lot of sun glare. You will notice this at the beginning of one clip where I start to wrap around the top of the lighthouse. https://www.dropbox.com/s/3yh0z57uy95gibb/Lighthouse%20video.mp4?dl=0
  6. Found a good song. I feel like it fits. I need to export from premier from now. I believe I shot in 4k if that helps. I just want yall to see the video.
  7. No this helps. Thank you for your insight. I found a good song. I will upload the video sometime this week.
  8. Cool I tried it and it worked really well. I feel like I need to put some music to the video first before I start making these cuts. I have a Spotify account but I am not very good at navigating through it. I just type in "royalty free music" and go from there. @Christian Tuccican you give me some insight on how you pick songs?
  9. Thanks. Found it easily. I'm also trying to go for a certain effect on my first clip. I'm very far away from the lighthouse and would like to speed up the clip for just a moment and as I approach go back to normal speed. Its almost like a very fast zoom effect if that makes any sense. @Christian Tuccidoes that make any sense to you?
  10. @Christian Tucci do you know how to speed up a clip on premiere pro? My first shot is an establishing one but its about 50 seconds long and unfortunately I wasn't able to set my drone in sport mode so my approach is slow but its still a nice shot.
  11. Thanks. Assembling a rough cut now. RG, what do you mean by subject matter? I'm basically just collecting footage for a demo reel if that answers your question.
  12. Just realized I used "video" way too much in the above sentence.
  13. Great job on the video. I will be using premier pro as well to edit my video. Have you gotten any feedback on this video yet?