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  1. Here's the functionality I was thinking about. Arsenal, the intelligent camera assistant "Arsenal is the world’s first intelligent assistant for DSLR and mirrorless cameras. Ultralight hardware lets you wirelessly control your camera with an intuitive iOS or Android app. And advanced machine learning algorithms help you get the perfect shot every time."
  2. This is all so 19th century... You'd think that there would be an app that would suggest settings based on how you want your picture to appear. Anyway, I found these:
  3. So I've some neutral density filters, one is a 2-stop filter + polarizer, a 3-stop, and a 4-stop. When should I use them? Do I need a light meter? Is there an algorithmic approach to their use?
  4. Has anyone purchased the contracts package from ? "We have the essential UAV contracts you need for your drone operation. We provide contracts, agreements, manuals and intellectual property protection for drone companies and pilots like you. Buy the “OPs in a Box” package or individual documents." Is it adequate? Pluses? Minuses?
  5. So Parrot has come out with a nice sensor called the SEQUOIA which does visible light, green, red, red edge, and near infrared. It also has a sunshine sensor to calibrate the images captured. It is pricey at $3.5K, but so what. Your paying for integration. Unfortunately Parrot hasn't integrated it into their fixed wind Disco. But there are other manufacturers that have. For instance senseFly has it integrated into their eBee platform calling it the eBee SQ which retails for something like $10K. Pricey but it gets the job done. Also have a look at the this.
  6. What would be a good multi-spectral package for agricultural use? Is there any off the shelf drone solutions?