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  1. Looks like I need to learn stitching in photoshop. Thank you for the info.
  2. I do have photoshop. Did you take like 50 images and manually stitch them? Also what did you use to create the virtual 360 image with the controls?
  3. Hey, that is pretty awesome. What program did you use to stitch that together, also allow me to use the virtual 360?
  4. Sweet, thanks Alan. You are the best.
  5. So I was wondering Alan, what do ypu think about having a "Site Suggestion" section? So people can just share there thoughts on the forum, and things they might like to see. With that said, I do have a suggestion. I looked but didn't find it, maybe I didn't look hard enough. To have a section people can post their work ie pictures, videos. To get others opinions, and maybe give pointers. I don't know how you would incorporate it, as in my manufacture, or just in general. Thought I would just throw it out there. Nick
  6. So with GoPro 5 coming out this year (at least that's what it is said so far), will the Solo be compatible? I reached out to GoPro and 3DR and have not got a confirmed answer. Each side claims they don't know what the other is doing. In my opinion I find that hard to believe seeing the Solo is built around the GoPro. I just think they are not allowed to disclose any information, which I totally understand. So what is your take on it, you think the Solo will support GoPro 5? Do you even care if it supports it? I for one am psyched if it does, as the rumored specs of the GoPro 5 (if
  7. Yeah, it will depend mostly on the GPS and location to where you are at. I still don't like using the [PLAY] button for automated flight, I like using the joystick. I like to feel in control of the Solo the entire time, so I will be able to slowly scrub the path to make sure it is clearing all obstacles which I love the option to do so.
  8. Heck yeah, I am really happy for this. As I do 3D Animation as well, it is almost like setting key frames for my animations. Will come in really handy. I am just wondering how accurate it is. If I want to do some elaborate flights, will it hit that exact mark within 1 to 2 feet. Also will it have an option for point to point, straight line if I choose, and will I be able to select 3 points and have it transition to all 3 in a nice even arch. Kind of how Tower is when mapping out.