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  1. Ok last question, which do you recommend the the Hubsan x4 or the syma x5hw?
  2. R2 D2

    My UAV Build

    Great flying!
  3. What about the Syma x5sw? The people in local hobby store recommended it for begginers.
  4. will check... Or shall i buy the focus?
  5. I am planning to get the SYMA x5hc.
  6. R2 D2

    Easy to build 250 Quadcopter Drone

    But a little to advanced for me...
  7. R2 D2

    Easy to build 250 Quadcopter Drone

    Nice Build!
  8. R2 D2

    My UAV Build

    Whoah! Amazing.
  9. Do you now any begginer drones under $80?
  10. R2 D2

    What are the best drone brands?

    Small cheap begginer drones...
  11. R2 D2

    My intro

    Hi, my name is R2 D2 because r2 was a drone/droid. i have only flown a helicopter and a plane but crashed it at once (don't worry it was just a UAV!). I am going do get a drone for christmas i hope i won't crash it! But with a community like this there is little chance of that! Hope to learn more about drones here!